Ex Boyfriend Posting Pictures Of New Girlfriend

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ex boyfriend posting pictures of new girlfriend

Relationships fail despite efforts to make them work. Your ex-boyfriend might be delaying your inability to heal by posting pictures of his new girlfriend.

You think all night about why he is giving you such treatment. Your ex boyfriend posting pictures of new girlfriend signals the impossibility of any reconciliation.

That is one of the sad realities of a post-breakup period. While one party is still nursing the heartbreak, the other might have moved on and started flirting with another partner earlier than expected.

The pain gets deeper if the breakup isn’t officially expressed. Maybe it is a silent treatment or some random misunderstanding that keeps you distant from one another.

The pain would deepen if he started posting another girl with romantic captions.

You might be waiting on him to apologize for the issue that caused the silent treatment, or rather you are trying to figure out how best to reconcile with him, and he drops the bomb on you by posting pictures of a new girlfriend.

Even if you initiated the breakup, it could still be painful if you still have feelings for him. Seeing his new girlfriend will always remind you of every romantic moment you’ve shared with him.

On the other hand, your ex-boyfriend posting his new girlfriend might be a normal routine for him. He might not be posting the pictures to oppress you.

So, since you dont know his intentions for posting her pictures, you need to stop harnessing the thoughts before it drains your sanity and self-esteem.

Why is my ex boyfriend posting pictures of new girlfriend

Your ex posting pictures of his new girlfriend might be a harmless gesture and a way of showing how proud he is to have her in his life.

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Also, on the other hand, he might want you to feel bad for losing him or wants you to feel he is with someone better. He will write a romantic caption to make you feel he is now more fulfilled being with his new girlfriend.

If this is your reality, you are still concerned about the relationship and curious to understand why his social media handles are filled with multiple pictures of his new girlfriend.

1. It shows he has moved on

Supposed the breakup isn’t officially expressed, you think he will possibly reconcile with you in the future. Posting pictures of his new girl might be his way of communicating that he is done with the relationship he has with you.

He may do this if he thinks you still have feelings for him or still expecting a reconciliation. He wants you to move on as he has already.

2. He may have no hidden agenda

Your ex posting pictures of his new girlfriend might be only for fun. If the breakup was official, He has the right to post any woman he is romantically involved with on social media.

Posting her pictures might be a way to show how much he loved her and was proud to be in his life. So most times, it might be a non-toxic post in which he has no intention to taunt or oppress you.

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3. He wants to seek social media validation

Seeking people’s validation and clout chasing is now a common gimmick used by people that want to push their agenda.

If you’ve known your ex as an attention-seeking person before the breakup, posting many pictures of his new girl might be to seek public validation about the new girl.

He wants everyone to know you are no longer together. He wants his follower and friend to compare you and the new girl’s attributes, like her beauty or style. He wants to hear people’s opinions about his new girlfriend.

4. He wants to oppress you

Posting his new girlfriend, he may have the intention to guilt-trip you and make you feel at the losing end of the seperation. His motive can be to oppress you.

If the breakup is from you or due to your misdeed, it means he wants to show how good he can be without you. He wants you to feel guilty and maybe apologize.

If he captions his new girlfriend with superfluous words that he knows to be your imperfection or what you completely lack, it means he wants you to feel the new girl is better than you.

He will try hard to beautify her with soothing words, edit and filter her picture before posting, and ignore her imperfections to make you feel the girl has the whole package you never had.

He will talk more about the girl’s attainment and flaunt her lifestyle, especially if the new girl has achieved greater height in her career.

5. He wants to get your attention

Posting his new girlfriend may be a way of seeking your attention on social media. He may ordinarily want to hear what your reaction would be and doesn’t care what anyone else says about the girl.

He may be posting to satisfy your curiosity about his relationship status.

In some cases, even though he has moved on, he may want to be on communication terms with you. If it occurs to him that you are still nursing some grievances since the breakup, he may post his new girlfriend and wait for your validation which might ignite a conversation.

6. He wants to know your new boyfriend

A curious ex-boyfriend that wants to know what you are up to in your new relationship can use the posting of his new girlfriend to trigger you.

Since he knows you better, he might expect you to kick back and flaunt your new boyfriend if you have one. He wants to satisfy his curiosity and compare the content level you both have in the new relationship.

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7. He is jealous of you

Suppose you’ve moved on too quickly after a breakup and been committed to other important parts of your life like self-growth, career, or exploring new adventures.

If you often post your attainment on social media, your ex-boyfriend may be jealous seeing how well you’ve progressed in life.

He would think you are sharing your recent achievements to oppress him. Flaunting his new girlfriend can be his way of showing off his new attainment.

8. He wants you to reflect on the past

Suppose he bought her a lookalike gift or took her to a known resort, picnic, or vacation you both have visited, and he decides to post those moments. In that case, He may want to awake the past good memories you’ve shared with or without the intention of hurting your feelings.

What to do when you realized your ex boyfriend posting pictures of new girlfriend.

Your ex’s personality, the cause of the breakup, and the aftermath are what you consider before understanding the real reason why he is posting his new girlfriend on social media.

However, such a situation can be confusing. It triggers pain and reminds you of everything about the past you are trying to let go of.

If seeing his post about the new girlfriend hurts you, try to practice any of these solutions to get through such a moment.

1. Respect his decision and move on

Moving on is hard, but you should know nursing feelings for such a man could amount to a waste of time. He has found love elsewhere, and you wouldn’t want to be a second option.

Respect the new girl and accept the man isn’t for you.

By moving on, open yourself to a new relationship. Go on a date with a man you like his standards. If a relationship isn’t your priority, concentrate on your personal growth or any other aspect of life that interests you more.

The more you develop a new interest and put energy into it, the less you worry about his post.

2. Cut ties with him

It would help if you reduced your level of communication with him. Communication triggers emotions. Be genuine with your moving on, and avoid discussing personal issues with him.

Limit your engagement with him on social media. Let there be an indication that you pay no attention to his post. He will get tired and stop if he intends to post his new girlfriend to hurt you.

Make sure your communication is casual and should not be deep. Dont reply or comment on the pictures. Not reacting to his gimmicks will allow you to control your feeling better and makes him have some respect for you.

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3. Confront him

Confrontation can be another solution to deal with an ex that is oppressing you with his new girlfriend’s pictures. Use this if only it is obvious he intends to hurt your feeling with it.

Suppose he tags you too often with the pictures on Facebook. Humbly confront him and politely tell him how you are not convenient with such tagging or mentioning of your name along with his new girlfriend.

4. Unfollow or block him

You only get sad about what you see or hear. The best way to shut your eyes and ears from observing what hurts you is to do away with it.

Since he is your ex, he should be your past. You can decide to unfollow him on social media or block him for a while until he stops his new girlfriend’s consistent posting.

5. Ignore the Posts

You can ignore his post if you think leaving him alone won’t be a problem. This can be achieved if you no longer feel anything for him again and know your mind is already made up. It may not be easy if you’re still reminiscing about the breakup.

Final Thought

While a breakup is hard, moving on is difficult, especially if one has fallen deep in love before the breakup.

Seeing your ex picture can retrogress your moving-on strategy. Apply any of the solutions above to address the issue.

However, understand your ex intention before taking proper action. Don’t misjudge his innocent posts with the thought that he is using them to seek your attention on social media.

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