Why Does He Want To Marry Me So Fast

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why does he want to marry me so fast

According to Huffpost Research, love at first sight can be a match; marriage, on the other hand is a more serious partnership and not something you rush into. 

So many people have adopted the standard two-year rule to get to know each other before marriage. 

This rule is almost a perfect one, except that some people can master their acts so well that it will take you more than just two years to discern them.

If you think a guy you just started dating is in haste to take you down the aisle, you might wonder, why does he want to marry me so fast? 

It is almost certain he has a personal reason he wants to marry you so quickly, and in most cases, the reason is usually far-fetched.

In some cases, it could be the excitement of meeting someone we have an amazing connection with and the fear of losing them if we don’t make the big move sooner.

Whatever the case, you should figure out the possible reason for your boyfriend’s impatience, as we will discuss why he wants to marry you sooner than later.

Why Does He Want To Marry Me So Fast?

1. Deep emotional connection

It is common knowledge that men like to mark boundaries. 

Your boyfriend may feel a deep emotional connection with you and decide it’s time to secure his place in your life and solidify your commitment.

This is a loving gesture. It is the best assurance to have a man who is very certain you are the person he wants in his life. 

True life experiences of people who married such men are usually positive.

But should you rush into marriage just because he wants it? It would be best to consider your stand and how you feel about him. 

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You would not want to rush into marriage, not even for the best man in the world. You deserve to take all the time you need to prepare your mind for it.

And if you still need to figure him out more, you should take as long as a year or two to get to know him well enough. 

No matter how hard he pushes, only say yes when you’ve completely cleared your doubts about him.

There is no way to be sure of what a man feels; he could be lying to you about his feelings. 

Listen to your instinct for direction. Sometimes, only our instinct can provide us with the right guidance on what to believe.

2. Fear of losing you

 He might have an underlying fear of losing you and believes marriage will secure your future together. 

He may have seen some impending chances of you changing your mind about him.

It could be that you are about to enter a new phase in your life.

Maybe you got admitted into a higher institution in another country or a new job far from him, and he fears the competition that might kick in between him and other men who may admire you. 

He probably thinks you might give in to one of them, so he wants to secure his spot by marrying you fast.

Only a man who truly loves you will have the fear of losing you.

If you are not yet ready for marriage, try reassuring him of your commitment to the relationship and make him understand that you do not intend to break his heart.

3. Distance situation

If you’ve both been in a long-distance relationship for too long, that might motivate him to want to end the gap and bring you closer through marriage. 

He probably wants you close to him due to his love and affection for you. Sometimes, it could all boil down to fear of losing you to someone closer. 

Knowing that distance limits him from giving you all the time and attention you desire, the fear that you might meet someone else who can do all that for you might grip him.

To put this in check, he might propose marriage to bridge the gap between you two. 

There is no point in keeping him waiting if you want to marry him as much, but if you are not ready for it, it is still not enough reason to dive into marriage so fast.

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4. Shared ambition

After some series of chats where you both shared your plans and dreams, it might have clicked in his heart that he had found the lady he’s been waiting for all his life.

Considering how long he has searched and waited for your type, excitement might make him want to put a seal on it quickly.

Maybe you both share similar ambitions regarding financial lifestyle, family, or practice the same religion. 

He may want to marry you quickly so that you can nurture these ambitions and grow in them together.

If growing in your common ambition with him makes sense, you should consider saying yes to his proposal. 

It can benefit your personal growth, considering that you have the support of someone with a similar goal.

5. Family pressure

Your boyfriend might be in a hurry to marry you because his family is pressuring him to get married. 

Maybe he is the only child of his parents, or they have a family tradition of early marriage before a certain age.

If this is the case, you must reject or accept such a proposal if it does or doesn’t aligns with your principles.

Even though he might love you, he is obviously not ready for marriage. He is only rushing into it to get his family off his back.

If you marry a man who didn’t get into the union out of his own will, you might be in for some marital trauma. 

He might get exhausted and fed up with the whole arrangement and direct his frustration toward you.

6. Financial security

One of the challenges of being a financially stable single lady is that it attracts many fake men your way. 

Suppose you are among the percentage of women that have everything going well for them financially. In that case, you are a target for lazy men seeking where to pitch their nest.

Your boyfriend may have come in the guise of love and undying affection; meanwhile, he is only after you for the financial security he can get from you.

One way of uncovering such men is by checking their credit scores. 

When you have a man who has no tangible source of income, and you are taking care of almost all his bills, and he insists on marrying you so fast, his decision might be centered around your financial status.

Real men take pride in taking care of their women. No responsible man wants to live off a woman. 

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7. He Has Ulterior Motives

There have been cases where a man marries a lady to get something from her. 

Your new boyfriend might be rushing you into marriage because you have the key to something he cherishes.

It could be that he wants to marry you for an opportunity to level his status or because you own a house and he is currently searching for accommodation.  

Other times, he could be looking to get a big loan from financial institutions through you, so he wants to win your trust by coming under the canopy of marriage.

If you are a single mother, you must also be very careful. Some cases have presented chronic pedophiles getting married to a lady just to have express access to their little ones.

The hidden motives behind a man’s hastiness to marry you are many. Go to every length you can to verify a man’s legitimacy. 

If you rush to marry a man who is only after you for his selfish benefits, then you have some future regrets coming your way.

8. He might be aggressive

You might recently meet a man who poses as a perfect gentleman but seems in a hurry to marry you. 

Now you wonder, why does he want to marry me so fast? You might be dealing with an abusive man.

Men who have questionable characters usually hide their ugly side. But then, only so long can a man keep up with the act. 

He knows if you date him long enough, you will figure out who he truly is, so he wants to marry you so fast that you won’t get the chance.

Aggressive men get provoked at the slightest mistake, making it hard to hide their temper. 

You should date a man long enough to learn about his character.

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9. He may be a narcissist

One thing about narcissists is that they believe they should always have their way, and you can never turn them down. 

You might be dealing with a man who is engulfed by his ego and thinks you should be his without hesitation simply because he asks.

He probably doesn’t think your opinion matters as far as he has made his choice. He expects you to say yes to his proposal and is probably devastated by your hesitation.

You don’t want to deal with a narcissist in marriage. They always present themselves as the best thing to be found, but at the end of the day, any union with them always ends in a broken marriage.

10. He might be a master manipulator

If you notice that your new boyfriend is doing everything he can to separate you from the world, you must be extremely careful about him.

He could be a control freak trying to manipulate you into thinking your happiness in life depends solely on him. 

Such men start by separating you from your family and everybody that cares about you.

They do this by poisoning your mind against every other person and manipulating you into believing they are the only ones with your best interest at heart. 

Meanwhile, their endgame ensures you have no one else to run to, with total control over your life.

Be very cautious not to fall into the hands of a schemer. He will make life hell for you. 

Control freaks are usually loners and don’t like associating with other people.


The answer to why does he want to marry me so fast has two sides to it. There could be a positive or negative reason for his quick marriage decision.

The best solution to this confusion is to give yourself time. You don’t have to rush into marriage when you are not ready just because your partner is. 

In the same way, you don’t have to rush into marriage with someone you don’t have clearance about just because he is in a hurry.

You deserve to take enough time to think about it. Besides, a man who truly loves you won’t have any problem waiting for you to get ready. 

Most gentlemen will allow you the freedom to think about their proposal and be sure you want it as much as they do, not minding their excitement and eagerness to proceed.

Marriage is a personal decision that should be made, bearing ‘forever’ in mind. 

Being aware of the longtime commitment involved, you must diligently take your time to access your partner.

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