What Do Guys Think When They See An Attractive Girl

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what do guys think when they see an attractive girl

Many studies have proven that men have things that cross their minds when they meet or see an attractive girl.

Beauty is a common sense appeal and will always be attractive to anyone in the right frame of mind.

The attraction is not necessarily sexual; it can be an admiration of how a lady is wonderfully created.

Some guys can appreciate the beauty and move on, while the beauty may attract others to test the efficiency of the pickup line they have in mind.

What do guys think when they see an attractive girl

The basic psychological proof is that men have varied thoughts within seconds of seeing a beautiful lady. Depending on the person, what goes through their mind at the time could be pleasant or unpleasant thoughts.

Generally, a confident man will want to initiate a conversation with a lady he finds attractive. Most men want to be identified with a beautiful lady, so a man will ordinarily want to flirt at the sight of a beautiful girl or at least make a move to compliment her beauty.

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There is more to what men think about an attractive lady they meet for the first time. Before we explore that, let’s consider what could make a lady attractive to guys.

What makes a lady attractive to a man

Note that attraction is discretionary. Men have different preferences; therefore, only some will find a particular lady attractive.

For the lady to be attractive to a man, it would be due to one or a combination of the following reasons. 
1. A Perfect Facial Look 

Of all things that contribute to the overall beauty of a lady, we all know the face is the first to notice. Therefore, ladies with perfectly symmetrical faces are likely to be more attractive.

Having perfect facial symmetry is natural. It measures how evenly someone’s features are arranged on both sides of their face.  

A face could be oval, rectangular, or round. What counts is how balanced the symmetry is. The more symmetrical a lady’s face, the more attractive she appears to men.

Studies have shown that ladies with symmetrical faces are perceived as healthier, more beautiful, and more desirable. 
2. Glowing Skin

Clear, healthy-looking, glowing skin is often seen as a sign of good health and hygiene. Men are naturally attracted to women who care for their skin and have a healthy, glowing complexion. 

As said earlier, there are different strokes for different folks. The only thing that could be different is the skin type. So far, it glows; men will be attracted to such a lady. 

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3. A Good Body Posture

Posture refers to how someone holds their body while standing or sitting. Good posture involves standing up straight, with the shoulders back and the chest out.

Men are usually attracted to women with good posture because it conveys confidence and self-assurance.
A lady could be lovely but may only be attractive enough if she has a good body posture. Good posture can make a woman look taller, more confident, and more physically fit.

Conversely, poor posture can make a woman look insecure, timid, physically smaller, and unattractive. 
4. Stylish Clothing

Men are often drawn to women who dress stylishly and flatteringly. Stylish clothing can enhance a woman’s appearance and make her more attractive.

Women who dress well and care for their appearance are often considered confident, fashionable, and self-assured.
Men will find you attractive if you are a lady who pays attention to her clothing. It is even essential to state that after a perfect face comes stylish dress sense.

Even if a lady’s face can’t be seen when she is far away, her stylish clothing makes her appealing to the eyes. 
5. Sexual Appeal 

This is one factor that attracts a lady to men. To be sexually appealing is to have a body that makes men chase after you.

Such a body shape that makes women sexually appealing to men is an hourglass shape. Many ladies love having an hourglass shape to look smart and confident.

Now that we understand the reasons that could make you attractive to men, how about we know what guys think when they find you attractive?

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What do guys think when they see an attractive girl

1. He thinks she’s pretty

The first thing a guy will digest upon seeing an attractive girl is how her beauty mesmerizes him.

Ordinarily, physical appearance is an essential factor for both men and women. Therefore, when a guy finds you attractive, he first fantasize about you in his mind. 

If you possess unique physical features such as facial symmetry, clear skin, and a healthy body type and dress in a way that highlights all your body features, he may stutter when conversing with you.
2. How do I approach her

Your beauty will mesmerize him. Chances are he will not fantasize and make it stop there. After thinking of how beautiful you are, he starts thinking of how to approach you. 

Therefore, he will want to have a perfect thought of approaching you quickly. With thoughts like, Is it cool if I say hi? Should I use a pickup line or just come up with a joke?
3. Won’t she turn me down

When a guy decides to approach you because you are attractive, the fear of being turned down occupies his thoughts next.

The fact that you look appealing to him will make him hold you in high esteem for that moment. 

At this point, we have two kinds of men. First are the ones who will summon the courage to make a move and damn the thought of being turned down.

On the other hand, there are shy guys. They will eventually think you are too much for them and may get turned down by you. 

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4. What is her personality

This is a step further; unfortunately, most men don’t consider it before making a move. Ordinarily, you can’t tell the personality of a lady you see for the first time. 

However, if you are careful enough, you can deduce how she relates to people around her.

Men who are not careful enough to think this over before approaching often have themselves to blame.

Therefore, a guy will likely observe an attractive lady, deduce her personality, and consider what to do next.  
5. She could be taken

Even after knowing her personality, there is still this to think about. Men will generally believe that for a lady to be attractive and catch their attention, she probably has a boyfriend.

Therefore, is she even going to give me an audience? Will she hear me out? Will she grant my request? These and many more are what he will be thinking about. 
6. He Finally made up his mind to approach her

After having succeeded in many thoughts that convinced him about the lady, he finally thinks of approaching her.

However, only a few men will reach this realm of thought. The hurdles are like the possibility of being turned down.

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Naturally, women with unique attributes are always special to men. Perfect facial symmetry, glowing skin, good body posture, and many more will make any lady attractive to men.

However, the attraction continues beyond there. It brings to mind men’s different levels of thought.

These thoughts are down to having the lady in their lives. If that won’t work out, they may resort to achieving casual knowledge of her.

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