Guy Seems Interested But Doesn’t Make A Move

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guy seems interested but doesn't make a move

You have been bonding with this cool guy for a while now and feel he is making part of your day more often. He has recently been texting, calling, and caring for your affairs without moving toward a romantic relationship with you.

You start asking yourself, ” Can this mean that he is interested in you? Or is he just that nice towards every lady he meets?

You think about him more often than usual, you feel convenient asking him for help, or you always wish your chats these days never stop. You want more of him.

The guy seems interested but doesn’t make a move

These are clear indications that you have started liking the guy. Every sign indicates that he wants you and is interested in you because he seems more clingy than a guy who is ordinarily interested in just friendship.

Sometimes, his intention is unpredictable. He acts detached and cold now and seems interested in another time. It may be a troublesome issue for your mind, especially when you have started liking him.

The dating world is confusing. Many guys are willing to make a move with a lady they are recently communicating with, but the uncertainty of what her reaction would be keeps many guys away from chasing what their minds choose.

But what could make them avoid delays and make the bold move?

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But hold on, you need to be pretty sure the guy is interested in you but not making a move yet.

Guys are not complicated as most ladies. Don’t judge him based on your own emotion. A guy that has an interest in you will make it obvious. Don’t assume a guy is interested in you until he starts showing any of these:

Signs he is interested in you and waiting for you to make the first move

1. He discusses romantic talk with you a lot

He is most certainly interested in you if he frequently inserts romantic talks into your discussions. You realize he feels more convenient with the topic, and he is always ready to be in control of the conversation.

He tells you about his past romantic life and wants to know about yours as well. He talks about his exes frequently and what led to their breakup.

He talks about his failure and lessons learned and how he is willing to make changes in his next relationship.

Similarly, he is curious to know about your past relationship life too. He needs to understand why you are single and what happened to your previous relationship.

He may ask what you like and dislike about your past partners and how the breakup occurred. It is his way of assessing whether or not he is fit to be in a relationship with you.
2. He is chatty

Unsurprisingly, a guy who frequently and cares to have fun chats with you wants much more than friendship. Texting you a lot means he wants you to feel comfortable with him.

A guy that likes you will not leave your chats unread for a long time and will find every possibility to ensure the discussions are not boring.

He may be nervous physically but would be chatty online. He sends songs and hilarious memes to ensure your conversation is always fun. He is spending more time of his leisure chatting with you online.

Apart from chatting, if he follows you on all social media, reacts to every one of your posts, and makes your comment section lively. It is a sign that the guy wants you.

3. He tries to impress you

It indicates he likes you if he shows you more of his achievement and the good side of his life than the part he struggles with.

He will want to impress you that he is an honest man you can depend on. He talks about his job, career prospects, lifestyle, willingness to pamper his future partner, etc. 

Also, he can try to impress you by paying attention to specific details and making sure he reminds you about them. He tried all the possible efforts to appear smart and intelligent before you.

He hopes that doing this will make you like him and be willing to be his partner.

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4. He is nervous when with you

A guy who likes you and wants you to reciprocate the same will undoubtedly try all possible efforts to ensure he does things perfectly and appears confident.

In the process of acting out, he may get it wrong. If he stutters, sweats and his choice of words fails to augment when you have a physical discussion; it means he is nervous. It happens especially to a shy or introverted person.

5. He prioritizes and makes you feel convenient around him

Everyone is busy with life challenges and has many things going on in their personal life. If you realize a guy is making time for you whenever you need his help, it means he is making you his priority and part of his life because of his interest in you.

Also, a guy that likes you will be overly caring and protective of you. He will care for you more than his other friends. He has a soft spot for you if he always rushes to defend you against backlash or attack.

6. He always wants to talk you into personal affairs

A guy interested in you may reveal more than the basics you are expected to know about him as a friend. He tells you about his daily ordeal, his long and short-term goal, and his plan to actualize them.

He will also create controversial scenarios relating to him and ask for your concise opinion on what to do. In short, he reveals more than enough information you need to know about him as a friend.

Also, it is a sign he is interested in you if he forces himself into your personal life and wants you to tell him much about yourself.

He stylishly questions some unique things about you that may confuse you as to whether it amounts to the intrusion of privacy or a man feeling concerned about you.

7. He looks weird when you address him as a friend

Be mindful of his facial expression. A guy that likes you but has yet to say it will not be okay with you addressing him as just a friend to people.

The truth is he wants something beyond friendship but is currently weighing his option because he thinks rejection might cause him to lose you, which can be the worst nightmare for him.

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Reasons why he is not making a move

1. He is scared of rejection

While it is normal for a lady to reject a guy’s offer for a relationship, it may be a total disappointment to some guys. Not all guys have the confidence to handle rejection.

He has so much confusion erupting in his mind. He thinks about what your reply would be.

What if his move breaks your friendship? He thinks his friends would see him as a loser if been rejected. These and many others are the thoughts running through his mind.

He intends to make a move eventually but still contemplating the best approach. He is probably planning to ask you out at the right time. It is evident you already have bonded with him.

2. He is not ready for a relationship

People have priority going on in their life that needs urgent attention. While he is obviously interested in you, he feels it will be overwhelming to ask you out at this moment in his life.

He may have a lot of things going on in his life and feels the idea of committing to someone may be a distraction to him.

He likes you but thinks he won’t be able to stay up with the required relationship commitment. He feels the relationship will derail a cause he is pursuing.

He wants to keep you close by and simultaneously serious with the friendship in case you are still available when he is ready.

3. He is shy and thinks he is unworthy of you

A guy with an inferiority complex may struggle to ask an independent lady out.

He might think you both are not in the same league. He fears you will look down on him, and his effort to talk you into a relationship will be futile.

He is putting you on a pedestal you are unaware of and feels your standard isn’t worth his assumed low life. He likes you but thinks he is better off as a friend.

4. He thinks you have someone already

He may refuse to say his intention because he assumes you are already in a serious relationship, especially if you have many guys cycling around you.

He won’t want to waste his time when he sees there are other guys closer to you. Maybe he has friends or knows someone that likes you more than he does; he may want them to shoot their shot instead.

Also, he may refuse to ask you out if he assumes you are already in a relationship. Even if he knows your relationship is complicated, he will see you as being taken.

5. He is not into you as you think

Finally, this is the humble reality. As ladies can reject guys they don’t like to be in a relationship with, men can decide not to ask out a girl they are not attracted to, irrespective of their bond and deep friendship.

There are many guys whose action does not amount to being interested. They will go to any distance for their friends. They are naturally caring, creates time for companionship, and are prepared to do their all to help people around them.

In fact, some guys are not making a move to ask you out because you don’t naturally appeal to them for a relationship, but they enjoy being friends with you because you aren’t a bad person either.

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What to do if a guy is interested in you but not ready to make a move

If every indication points to his interest in you, be sure to address this in time to avoid being long in such a confused state.

There are possible ways to handle a guy who is not ready to make a move but loves being around you.

1. Tell him how you feel about everything

If you want a relationship, talk him into it. If you are not interested in a relationship, let him know you are done with the emotional play and want to reaffirm your friendship with him.

2. Talking out can be difficult

If you don’t have the energy to ask out a guy outrightly, you can opt for some strong gesture that will make it easy for him in his decision to ask you out.

3. Be flirtatious

It is a way of assuring him you are also interested in him. This assurance will give him the confidence he won’t meet rejection from you.

For example, ensure you look him in the eyes more often. Always meet him with a smile when you catch him looking at you.

4. Break the touch barrier

Allow him if he is willing to touch your hand. Don’t push his touch away if he isn’t feeling beyond your comfort level.

5. Hug him happily if he requests one

Be free to discuss romantic conversations with him and share your relationship expectations with him.

Lastly, always appreciate his efforts on you. Always let him have reason to do more for you.

In conclusion, be confident he is ready for a relationship. A guy can admire you but is not prepared to be in a relationship or take a break from being in any.

Be bold and logical enough to ask questions that will make you obtain the necessary information about his feelings.

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