I Ignored Her Now She Is Ignoring Me

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i ignored her now she is ignoring me

Romantic affairs can be amusing and, of course, feel like the loving moment will be for the rest of your life. But no, there are cuts and ties in between.

There are moments when romantic love winds off, and your emotion switches to some other interesting part of life.

I ignored her now she is ignoring me

You may have a personal issue that won’t warrant you having her time at some moment. This is the untold part of every relationship.

While you may feel you need space, it might be when she craves your attention. Sooner or later, she may serve you the same.

Her clap back can be worse. It may not even be on any justifying ground, but she is ordinarily willing to pay you back.

Such an annoying moment of the ‘hide and seek’ phase may not be unavoidable in a relationship. Still, it can be handled maturely among partners or couples that understand each other’s flaws and are committed to growing the relationship.

That weary moment you are ordinarily tired of the closure and want to make a serious change.

Why did you ignore her first? Ignoring anyone hurt, talk more of your partner. Do you need some time to yourself, or are you doubtful about choosing her as a partner?

A lady will ignore you in return if she feels she is more of a burden to you than a partner or when she is hurt due to you ignoring her first for no reason.

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If you are intentional about getting back to the old time of love and being free around each other, you need to talk to her about the situation and let her know the reason why you are ignoring her.

But before apologizing or talking to her about it, it is pertinent to understand why she is ignoring you.

Reasons why she is ignoring you and doesn’t want to give you a chance

Sometimes, you may not find why a woman is giving you loving eyes at one moment and then ignoring you the next. Such awkward moments can evoke many doubtful questions in a man’s mind.

You can’t phantom the real reason she is ignoring you; worse if she is not even giving you a chance to talk to her.

However, her changes in behaviour are not unintentional. There must have been a reason she is not replying to that text, bouncing your call or avoiding physical contact with you.

1. She wants more

Suppose you’ve been a long-time friend with her, and even go the extra to make each other happy. You’ve both been unknowingly acting out a relationship, and many people around are seeing you as a partner. Such a crazy, complicated, and undefined moment can be exhausting.

She wants you to speak your mind and ask her out expressly, but if you don’t give signs of any serious move for a relationship, her likeness for you will gradually fade.

She can, as a result, end the friendship because she wants more than you are dishing out.

Suppose in this friendship situation, you stop giving her attention. In that case, she will ignore you in return and even think of breaking the friendship, especially if she meets a new guy ready for a committed relationship.

Moreover, she will see your deeds as frivolities if you cannot provide the security she seeks in a relationship.

Women want a man who will give and protect them in all forms. She might distance herself from you if she feels you are not worthy enough to protect her.

2. You’re not her best option for a serious relationship

You are probably that smart, clever and funny guy she finds easy to communicate with but does not want a romantic relationship with you. She does not want anything beyond the vibe.

If she feels you are being emotional and attaching romance to the friendship rather than communicating with you, she may decide to ignore you with the hope of cutting the friendship tie.

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3. You are acting too needy

If you need her time and care unnecessarily, she may get tired sooner than expected and let you be after a while.

If you are busy and you always disturb her with unimportant chats and rants, she may flag you as a distraction and choose to ignore you.

Being overly dependent bores out any relationship. If she is not a chatty type, do not force it. Some women do not like outspoken guys. Also, expecting too much may be a reason for her to ignore you.

If you are just meeting her, do not force her to communicate things with you. Stick to whatever she tells you, and only try to couch information she is ready to share with you. If you are too pushy, she will feel exhausted and be tired of you in no time.

4. She needs more time

She may be in a dilemma if she starts ignoring you after you officially profess your love to her.

Starting a serious relationship is a life journey that needs deep thought. She wants to ensure she is not making a regrettable choice; she needs time to think deeply and validate her feelings.

The best at that moment will be to stop clogging around you. She does not want to decide out of infatuation. She wants to analyze things and ensure you are worth it before accepting to be your partner.

5. You look like a playboy

A lady may only ignore you if you are consistent with your behaviour. She will feel scared and confused and choose to distance herself from you.

Suppose your action shows you are interested in her at a time, and you are talking about another girl at another moment. In that case, she may feel you are not serious and think being with you can make her develop an unmatched infatuation.

6. She is too busy

Women with too many responsibilities may find it difficult to give relationships the needed attention. If she juggles too many schedules, she may find it difficult to interact with you.

She knows she won’t be committed to the relationship and has to stop flirting with you. She doesn’t want to break your heart after giving you hope and making you fall in love.

Besides, she may be dealing with a personal crisis that does not allow her to fall in love as you want. She wants space to feel better and get out of the crisis before having a relationship conversation with you.

7. She is playing you

Some women enjoy men chasing them. They will pretend to ignore you so you can give them a chase. She wants you to be consistent and assure her of your intention before she agrees.

Moreover, she may have been using you as a placeholder all along. This means she already has a relationship but an unhealthy one. If she eventually gets things right with her guy, she may dump you and focus on her newly repaired relationship.

Also, during the talking stage with you, she might find someone else that seems more interesting and prefers being with him over you.

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8. She no longer has feelings for you

The biggest reason she suddenly shut you off is that she no longer has feelings for you. She liked you at some point but not anymore due to reasons best known to her.

She doesn’t know how to handle the changes in her emotions and thinks the best is to halt communicating with you and keep her distance, hoping you’ll get the message she is trying to convey.

Best way to deal with a girlfriend that ignores you

It sucks to feel ignored by anyone, but it is part of the rough stages of most relationships. There are ways to handle such annoying moments meticulously and get her to stop ignoring you.

It can be difficult to guess why she is ignoring you unless she decides to communicate it to you. However, there is general logic you can apply to the situation and fox things between you.

Here are a few things to do in such a situation

1. Do not force her

Her impulsive behaviour might suck, but do not be rude or try sending any annoying message. Be patient with her! She is hurting you, and you might want to vent your anger. Don’t.

This can escalate the situation and make you lose her eventually. Calm down and wait patiently till she comes back on her own.

Also, do not make the mistake of pestering her to talk to you. She wants space. Buzzing her phone with calls will make you look needy and desperate. Women do not like desperate men. She will return to you after she is done dealing with her emotion.

Moreover, do not double-chat her. It will only make you look desperate.

If she has been giving few and curt responses, do not jump into excitement when she makes an elaborate response. Hold on till she tells you what exactly is wrong with her.

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2. Avoid apologizing

You are expected to apologize to her even without doing anything wrong, but it is a wrong move.

You do not have to lose your self-respect always to please her. But if you know you did something wrong, apologize to her.

Let her know you have a life outside of the relationship. Do not go online to talk about the relationship. Do not post any memory you shared. Just let her be. Act normally, have confidence when your path cross, and maintain self-esteem.

3. Do not flirt with another woman

If she ignores you for too long, getting another woman in replacement is not the best option, except you are done with her, and you are certain she won’t return.

Also, do not flirt with other women to get her attention and make her jealous. It will only hurt her more if she finds out.

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