My Husband Looks At Other Females Online

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my husband looks at other females online

Men like staring at other women, even when they’re at peace with their relationship or marriage.

It doesn’t mean your husband is promiscuous or flirting with females online.

Why my husband looks at other females online might be a question you need an answer to, but most men ordinarily appreciate beauty without any strings attached to it.

If your husband looks at pretty women on Instagram, it does not mean he is trying to engage with them. It could be a mere admiration.

As a wife, I understand how you feel when your husband spends his time online commenting and liking Instagram pictures of young girls.

You feel like you’re not good enough for him. You feel disrespected. You feel like you’re not attractive again as you used to.

This may not be true. Men can still love, respect their wives, and admire random female beauty online.

Men are visual creatures; beauty attracts them, but most men look beyond beauty when engaging with a woman.

Except if he is making naughty comments on the female posts or having them saved in the gallery, then it may be an issue to worry about.

Sometimes, Instagram’s algorithm can be crazy; a single hit of like on a single picture can load hundreds of related photos on his timeline.

In essence, he may not intentionally feed his timeline with female pictures.

However, if you feel unsafe, it’s necessary that you know the reason why your husband looks at other females online.

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It will help you discover early if the marriage has an issue that needs attention.

Besides, if he is ordinarily impressed by a specific trait in their appearances, knowing early will make you match up.

Reasons why my husband looks at other females online/Instagram

1. He enjoys looking at attractive women

Your husband may look at other women online because he is curious about their lifestyle.

Things are changing in recent times. Women do a lot to appear beautiful. Modelling styles have been getting more sophisticated in recent times. He doesn’t want to miss out on the fun.

He thinks feeding his eyes with random unknown females online is better than cheating on you.

Instagram is a platform where people share a wide range of content, including photos of themselves.

Your husband may be glued to the platform because they are strangers to him. He will only get fantasized but not attached to them.

Moreover, some men look at attractive photos for visual stimulation or appreciation of aesthetics.

This does not mean he is miserable in his marriage or relationship.

2. To spice up your marriage

People in marriage learn new trends around them to spice up their marriage.

Since we now spend more time on social media, it could be a source of inspiration for things that can spice up the marriage and make it lively for couples.

Your husband may look at nice clothes on females online to get them for you. He has nice makeup ideas he wants you to replicate.

He may be searching for the best jewellery or shoe idea to give you on your next birthday.

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3. He is bored and fantasizes a lot

The Internet in recent times is a significant way of escaping boredom. There are varied topics to engage and while away time.

If your husband is not engaged with work, he will want to kill boredom by staying glued to social media content.

Boredom will make him check out random beauties online.

Instagram, like every other social media, provides an opportunity for people to feed on their fantasies.

Looking at random girls online might serve as your husband’s entertainment source.

Also, he may be looking for an escape. He may use social media to escape his problems if he is going through a difficult time.

Looking at attractive women can be a way to feel better about himself and take his mind off his troubles. It is a coping mechanism to escape the moment.

4. He has unsatisfied needs

Some men are obsessed with the shape of a woman’s body. Your husband may be playing mind games by comparing you to a young lady with a busty body structure.

Some women have to undergo a surgical process before they appear that way.

When your husband compares you with such kinds of women, he has unfulfilled needs within the marriage.

He feels seeking engagements with girls online will make him fulfilled.

5. For professional reasons

Beyond cruise and social interaction, Instagram is a platform for networking.

Your husband might follow or engage accounts related to his profession or industry to stay connected with like-minded individuals.

Besides, your husband might follow female accounts because they share content that aligns with his hobbies.

For instance, it could be related to arts, fashion, sports, fitness, politics, or other appealing content.

He may look at other females online to seek inspiration or motivation in various aspects of life, such as creativity or personal development.

Seeing others’ achievements or lifestyles can sometimes be a source of inspiration for personal growth.

However, these female accounts can later share their ‘hot’ pictures or personal content.

Your husband will have no choice but to engage the content since he follows them.

6. Fear of Missing Out

Social media trends are increasingly becoming a source for individual daily interaction.

If he is in a circle of friends that discuss models, artists, and influencers, he will want to take advantage of it.

He may spend a lot of time on social media to relate to the trending news.

He might follow female accounts to feel connected to trends and events.

Of course, the women he follows will be dropping hot content. In no time, his timeline will be filled with their pictures.

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7. He is into porn content

Intimacy is the beauty of marriage. But when partners are exposed to lots of pornography, they may no longer enjoy the beauty.

This is because porn content breeds uncontrollable fantasy, which can threaten a marriage.

A man may want to satisfy his fantasy using social media if his wife cannot live up to his game.

The wife may not even be attractive to him again at some point.

There are many pornstars with social media accounts; your husband may be feeding his fantasies with their erotic content.

8. He is cheating

Yes, infidelity or the potential for cheating can be one of the reasons why your husband looks at other females online.

It’s important to acknowledge that this possibility exists in some cases. He may engage in online interactions, leading to emotional or physical infidelity.

You need to consider this point if you feel he is making sudden complaints about your appearance or sexual activity.

Suppose he wants you to dress in a way or fit into a new trend that he knows makes you feel uncomfortable.

He might be having thoughts of exploring his fantasies with other women.

However, avoid jumping to conclusions without concrete evidence or specific knowledge about your husband’s intentions.

Looking at other females on Instagram does not automatically puts him in the cheating row.

It could be a symptom of underlying issues within the relationship or personal struggles that must be addressed.

Here are the available remedies to make him understand how you feel about his strange action.

What should I do if my husband looks at other females online

1. Express your discomfort to him

Most women will feel insecure about such behaviour from their men. Your feelings are valid, and you have to express them to him.

Don’t ignore your feelings. Kindly pour out how you feel about everything calmly.

Avoid accusations or name-calling, but humbly focus on how his behaviour affects you.

He may be offensive or defensive if you ask directly or rudely.

Rather sit him down and carefully explain how his actions can affect the relationship, even if he does it with no intention to hurt you.

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2. Assess your feelings

Take some time to understand your own emotions and reactions to the situation. It’s normal to feel hurt or insecure.

Acknowledge these emotions, but try to approach the problem with a calm and rational mindset.

Your husband may not quit social media; neither will the females stop posting their pictures.

If your husband isn’t making comparisons or getting addicted to porn content, it may not be a big deal.

If you’re feeling insecure or have low self-esteem, personally assess the feelings. Do you think you need to dress better or be trendy?

Make the proper corrections. Also, if you feel your husband is spending more time online, try to connect with him more.

Think of a mutual fun game you can do together rather than him staying online for hours.

3. Set boundaries and expectations

Discuss your mutual expectations regarding his online activities within your marriage.

Define what is acceptable and what crosses the line for both of you.

This conversation should involve open and honest communication, compromise, and respecting each other’s boundaries.

Let him understand how fake some internet content can be. Load him with reasons he should never compare you with females online.

4. Seek Therapy

If the situation becomes too difficult to navigate, consider seeking professional help from a therapist.

They can provide guidance, facilitate communication, and help you work through trust issues or other underlying problems that have been a concern in your marriage.

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