12 Signs To Trust Me She Misses You

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trust me she misses you

After breaking up, not everyone moves on easily. A trigger of one good memory of your ex may wreck the healing process.

If the relationship is mutual, your ex might want to reach out or keep casual contact even though you’ve moved on.

Studies show women find it difficult to move on if they are truly committed to their ex. Trust me she misses you if she started checking up on you after a mutual breakup.

However, if reconciliation is or not on the table, you need to pay attention to some signs to trust she misses you.

When my ex broke up with me, I said, “She won’t find it difficult to move on. Perhaps, she has even predetermined it for so long”.

She treated me as if I were a total stranger. Anyone would hardly believe we used to have a good time with her conduct. I saw a person who was ready to move on in her.

Meanwhile, I was wrong. The person I thought would not miss me turned out otherwise. She still feels jealous seeing me around some female friends.

She still wants to communicate at every opportunity she has. On social media, she posts stuff that she knows interests me.

I even expected her to delete pictures, reels, and videos of both of us, but she didn’t.

More so, she still recounts our dating experience with her friends. Height of all, she wants to see me should there be a chance for it.

Moreover, we all want to leave out the memories of our past relationships. We want to forget everything so fast to free ourselves from emotional traumas.

Unfortunately, that is not usually easy to do.

Bonds created in a relationship are not easily cut off. The affection, love, and genuine care can’t be thrown away too quickly.

Therefore, your ex may still feel connected with you after the breakup.

Nevertheless, when a breakup happens, your ex might be a strong believer in the no-contact rule, but the reality might set in, and trust me, she misses you and may find it difficult to move on.

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Consequently, when it happens, there have to be some factors responsible for it. What are these factors?

Factors to consider and reasons to trust me she misses you

1. It’s a new experience for her

From waking up beside you to waking up alone. From receiving romantic calls, texts, and chats to realizing her phone are devoid of romantic gestures.

It is a whole new experience for your ex. It is more than just experiencing something new. Her routines may entirely change.

Perhaps this is one aspect people don’t consider before breaking up. Having to shift the ground beneath one’s feet in an emotional matter is always challenging.

Therefore, when your ex starts fighting with accepting a new way of life, she will naturally miss you.

She will miss all you used to do together that she became accustomed to.

2. You both have a strong connection

Usually, when your relationship with her is casual, breaking up will not affect your ex so much.

Similar to that is a relationship that was not built on true love. If it crashes eventually, partners find it easy to forge ahead.

However, the reverse is when you both have a strong connection. Your ex could find it difficult to move on.

The time and energy dedicated to the relationship can’t be readily accepted to be gone.

The beautiful moments and the romantic memories created together can’t be quickly eliminated.

To that extent, if you and your ex had a great relationship, you should be less surprised if she shows signs that she misses you.

3. She couldn’t find a better partner

Someone better is what everyone wishes to have after a breakup. Dating someone equal to their exes is like settling for the less.

Consequently, when your ex realizes her new partner is nowhere near your status symbol, she might miss you.

Your ex will miss you if you cared for and loved her more than the new partner. Likewise, she will miss you if you are a better match for her.

4. You have become a better person

The best for you to do after a breakup is to work on yourself. It doesn’t matter if you want to return to your ex or move on.

Becoming a better person than you were while with your ex will do you much good. It will make you have a better partner.

Even if you want her to return, becoming a better person will make her run to you, not the other way round.

She misses the new you and wants to explore the new value you have added to yourself.

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5. Your new relationship looks perfect

This is in addition to working on yourself. If you work on making your new relationship perfect, it will ring words in the ears of your ex.

Ordinarily, having a new partner will make your ex jealous, especially if she is still single.

If your relationship appears to be perfect, trust me she misses you and wishes she were the one having all those perfect moments with you.

6. You gave her space

In most cases, your ex missing you depends on how you dignified yourself.

Most people lose themselves trying to get their ex back because of their inability to control their feelings.

They keep bothering her, begging, and even sending people to plead on their behalf.

The fact is that it doesn’t work most time. At a point, dignify yourself by giving her space. Let her have the time to reflect on the whole issue.

If she’s done reflecting and no longer finds you hovering around her, trust me, she will miss you more.

7. She still wants to communicate

Communication is the most integral part of a relationship. It is what connects people. Through it, ideas and thoughts are shared.

It might feel strange when your ex still wants to be in contact with you.

Contact with your ex is sometimes necessary, but it’s meant to be casual.

However, when your ex tries to have intimate discussions with you, there are no doubts she misses you.

How you live your life should not be a concern to your ex. Therefore, when she becomes inquisitive about your well-being, trust me she misses you.

8. She still recounts the experience with her friends

We all like to say lovely remarks about our partners before our friends. We want to show we are blessed to have them in our lives.

We tell our friends how caring and loving our partners are. However, note that the emphasis is on “our partners,” not our exes.

Therefore, if your ex cannot get you off her lips after breaking up and still recount the moment you shared with her friends, it is a sign to trust that she misses you.

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9. She keeps pictures of you both

People in a relationship take pictures and make videos together all the time. One thing that can’t be disputed is that it brings back beautiful moments.

Consequently, people keep photographs and videos of their partners and glance at them when they miss their presence.

When you break up with your ex, it’s normal for her to do away with all that can stir up some emotional attachment for you.

But when she decides to keep some links that jog her memory of the good times you both spent together, trust me she misses you so much.

10. She wants to know if you talked about her

This happens when there is no constant communication between you both. From your end, you’ve moved on.

Similarly, you assume your ex feels the same about not being occupied with your thoughts.

But the reverse is the case when all she does is inquire if you talked about her.

She asks your acquaintances, friends, and family if you ever mention her in discussions. It’s nothing but a sign to trust she misses you.

11. She acts jealous

Though it is assumed jealousy is one of the human emotions that develop from insecurity in a relationship.

It’s considered normal when your partner feels jealous of your attachment to the opposite sex.

However, your ex might get uncomfortable when she sees other female friends around you.

She still has a soft spot for you, and a little bit of jealousy from her might play out if she thinks a reconciliation between you is possible.

When your ex feels awkward seeing other women around you, Trust me she misses you.

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12. She wants to see you

When she reaches out to see you, it might be for reconciliation, or she can’t help but misses you so much.

She must have thought about meeting you for so long, but recently she summoned the courage to ask for it.

Maybe she missed the beautiful moment you both shared in the past and can’t find someone who treats her like you do.

You should know that the idea of meeting with you is the only option available to show she still thinks about you and may be open to reconciliation.

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