What Happens When You Ignore A Ghoster

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what happens when you ignore a ghoster

Ghosters are usually full of ego. They ghost you because they have seen that you’ve placed so much value on them that their sudden absence will affect you emotionally. 

So they ghost on you to boost their sense of self-importance.

When a ghoster’s motive is driven by ego, then it will be a big bruise on that same ego when you choose to ignore them. 

They will feel undesirable and react differently depending on their maturity level. 

This article will discuss what happens when you ignore a ghoster and how to walk away from them.

What Happens When You Ignore a Ghoster

The reaction you get when you ignore a ghoster depends on who they are and how invested they are in you. 

Their personalities and level of maturity play a significant role in how they decide to handle the situation. 

Here are some of the things you should expect when you choose to ignore a ghoster.

1. Self-preservation

When someone decides to ghost you, your reaction to the situation is not supposed to be about them but about you. 

When someone close to your heart ghosts you, it can be emotionally draining, so ignoring them can be a way of looking out for your emotional health. 

By ignoring a ghoster, you protect your emotional well-being from further hurt.

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2. You regain control

The situation was initially in their hands. They choose when to ignore you and decide when to show up again. 

But when you go against their expectations and ignore them instead of the open arms they expected to get from you upon their return, you take control of the situation from their hands.

This may throw them off balance as they didn’t plan for it.

3. Their curiosity peaks

As they don’t get any response, they become curious about what you might have been up to while they were away. 

If it was a romantic relationship, they might wonder if you found another lover within that period. 

Depending on their level of maturity, this curiosity may push them to come reaching out to you.

4. Realization of their mistake

At this point, they’ve seen that they lost something precious and may begin to regret it. 

They will wish you could return to your usual self and keep waiting on them. 

They may not necessarily regret the pain they made you pass through, but the fact that you no longer adore them like you used to.

5. Their Ego gets bruised

If they ghosted you to remind themselves of their importance to you, it would bruise their ego to realize that the same person they hoped to validate their significance ignored them. 

They will feel humiliated and somehow disrespected but also recognized that they only got a taste of their medicine. 

6. Power shift 

When you ignore a ghoster, you gain a charge of the upper hand. 

They no longer determine what goes on in your friendship; instead, their place now relies on whatever decision you make. 

They lose the power to control your emotions because you have taken it from them.

7. No more drama

Ignoring a ghoster reminds you that you have more important things to do with your life than entertain their robust ego. 

It will force them to retrace their steps and drop all forms of unnecessary drama. 

But this works only for those who care about you. Otherwise, they won’t have any reason to reconsider their steps. 

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8. You Convey a message

Ignoring a ghoster is also an effective way of passing a message across. 

You clearly state that you know your worth and won’t let anyone treat you poorly. 

Conveying the message to ignore will force them to learn to respect you and not take the attention you give them for granted.

9. You Establish boundaries 

By not indulging a ghoster, you establish some boundaries that no one should cross. 

You clarify that there is only so much you can tolerate, and inconsistency is not one of them. 

You let them know that if they want to remain a part of your life, they should be intentional about it and quit turning you off and on.

10. Closure for yourself

Ignoring a ghoster can give you the closure of knowing that the relationship ended on your terms. 

They didn’t just end the relationship when they wanted. Instead, you wait for them to return from their fantasy world, and then you let them know you no longer wish to have anything to do with them by ignoring them.

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How to Walk Away From a Ghoster

Dealing with situations like this can be emotionally draining. You must prepare your mind for the rollercoaster you are about to take. 

Giving up on someone we love is no easy stunt to pull, and that’s why you will have to consider the following steps to help you manage the situation better:

1. Acknowledge your worth

When someone you care about develops the habit of ghosting you, it’s an excellent time to sit and remind yourself that your life is worth far more than they make it look. 

When people that are important to us ghost us, it can create a lot of ill feelings within us. You will break down emotionally if you don’t manage it very well.

2. Face reality

One thing you might find yourself doing at this time is creating excuses for the ghoster. 

You will make reasonable excuses about why they had to disappear without letting you know. You only generate this excuse because you don’t want to face reality. 

You fear the truth, but you know they have no tangible reason for their actions. 

This is the wrong thing to do to yourself. The earlier you come to terms with reality, the better for you and your emotional well-being.

3. Give yourself closure

Don’t allow yourself to duel in the world of hopes and fantasies. Accept the fact that they are ghosting you and give an active response to it. 

The answer could be confrontation or ignoring them. 

Confrontation can be an option if you think you trust the person enough and believe they might have an explanation. 

But ignoring them is the best response, especially if the person has narcissistic traits.

4. Set boundaries

This is a time to set clear boundaries about the things you can and can’t let into your life. 

Limiting what you can tolerate from people will put you in more control of what goes on around you, mainly if it affects your emotional health. 

5. Unplug yourself from them

Break every connection you have with the ghoster. Block them on social media, block their lines, and break every bond you share with them. 

Delete all their pictures from your devices and remove anything that will remind you of them. 

This way, it will be easier to heal from the disappointment they caused you. 

Do not let them close to you again if you mean to be done with them for good. Keeping any form of communication will only make things much worse for you.

6. Lean on support

Find solace in those who care about you, like your family and friends, and let them support you through this challenging time.

Open up to someone about your feelings and allow them to talk to you. 

If you decide to go through this period alone, you might find yourself growing soft and running back to the ghoster because you miss them. 

Doing this will only give them more reasons to treat you as they like because they believe you will always return to them at the end of the day.

7. Focus on self-care

Channel your attention to self-care treatments. Go to the gym or spa sections and get a pedicure, manicure, or full body massage to calm your nerves and relax your mind. 

Take care of both your physical and mental state. You can go on therapy sessions with a counselor to listen to professional opinions to help you cope.

8. Practice patience

You have to realize that healing takes time. Give yourself time to get over the pain caused by your ghoster. 

It can help to go on a short vacation to a cool place surrounded by people who love and cherish. 

When you spend a little time with these people, you will start forgetting about the ghoster, and soon you will return to your everyday life without him.

9. Engage in hubbies 

While you patiently wait for your heart to heal, you can give the process a little nudge by occupying yourself with fun and exciting activities. 

Discover new hubbies if you don’t have any, and invest your time exploring them. 

Keeping yourself engaged with hubbies will distract you from the temptation of running back to the person you are trying to get over with.

10. Redirect your thoughts 

When those times of nostalgia come, and you can’t help thinking about them, create some activities in your head that you can engage with to shift your mind from thinking about them. 

You can decide to sing a dance song each time the memories come and possibly dance along if you can.

11. Forgive 

No matter what anyone did to us, forgiving them is always in our best interest. Forgiveness can be the best therapy you need at this time. 

Forgive and let go will lift the heavy weight of grudges from your shoulders and make you feel better about yourself. 

It is not easy to forgive someone when they wrong us, but we can always count it as proof of our strength each time we indulge it.

12. Move forward

Having let go of the past, it is time to move forward. Closing the door on someone in our life always means more space to accommodate new things. 

So what you should do at this time is look forward to what lies ahead and plan to make the most out of it. 

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It always comes as a surprise when you decide to ignore a ghoster 

What happens when you ignore a ghoster is the same thing that happens when we do bad things as kids and expect to receive a series of punishments from our parents, but instead, they let us go to bed with not even a verbal correction. 

It throws you off balance. It’s the same reaction a ghoster gets when you ignore them.

Ignoring a ghoster is the best response you can give. Anyone who doesn’t value the attention you give them never deserves it in the first place. 

Moreover, if you keep indulging them by taking them back each time they show up, you only disrespect yourself and give them more room to treat you as they wish. 

Remember that they might decide to come back, but it’s left for you to determine if you will take them back or not. 

If you choose to take them back, make it clear to them that they must do away with such attitude as you won’t tolerate them.

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