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do walk away wives ever return

Do walk away wives ever return? If you wonder the answer, it may interest you to know that over 80% of couples never reconcile after breakups. 

The walk away wife syndrome is steadily becoming a thing. More marriages have been broken, starting from the wife taking a walk from her marriage. 

It sounds ironic, but women are more likely to call it quits in marriages even before the man will ever think of it.

Considering the rate of increase in broken marriages today, you may wonder to ask the question.

Do walk away wives ever return?

The answer is yes. Women who walk away from their marriages may have a change of heart in the long run and decide to retrace their steps.

But how many of these women return to their marriages? 

Why you may be hopeful, you need to be gentle with expectations because, according to statistics, only 13% of couples reconcile after separation.

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Reasons why walk away wives return

There are two different reasons a woman can walk away from her marriage. 

The most common reason is that she has had enough to endure in the union and couldn’t take it any longer. 

Maybe you’re not totally committed to her, or the pressure could have been from your family. She did her mental and emotional health a favor by walking away.

In another case, she might have found a new lover and decided to be with him instead. 

Maybe she had been cheating on you with him but decided not to keep it a secret anymore. 

The reasons a walk-away wife will return depends on why she left in the first place. 

If she left because you didn’t treat her better, you would be left to improve yourself and convince her to return to you.

The following are some reasons a walk-away wife might return to her husband.

1. Reflection and regrets

Just like in the second reason, if she had left you for another man, she might suddenly return to her senses and realize her mistakes. 

She was probably blown away by the cascade of emotions that comes with newfound romance adventures. This might only happen when you don’t treat her right.  

If she later lacks good rapport with the new man, she may regret walking away from her family and may come pleading for forgiveness if she is brave enough.

2. Desire for reconciliation

Some people have a heart of gold and would decide to go back no matter how hurt they’ve been. 

She may decide to let go of the past and reconcile with you. 

This is seen more with women who understand the value of family and know better than to give up on them.

3. External factors

Some cultural norms or societies are not the most welcoming place for divorced women. 

The pressure and sometimes ridicule a woman gets from outsiders after breaking up with her husband can be enough to send her back to the marriage she left behind. 

In addition to societal pressure, she might face financial problems that will leave her wishing she never walked away from her husband. 

These external factors can force her to have a change of heart.

4. Loneliness

After learning to enjoy the companionship in marriage, it might feel so cold and bare to suddenly find yourself outside of it. 

Finding a new companion after divorce may not be easy, and loneliness might make her miss you, and she might decide to return to you.

5. Change in circumstance

In the same instance where she left you for another man, the circumstances might change, and things might not turn out as she expected. 

Maybe the new guy wasn’t exactly what she anticipated, or maybe his plans for the future were different from what she hoped for. 

This might make her regret instantly and run back to you for a second chance.

6. Personal growth

Life experiences can make us grow and become more mature. 

She may have spoken with a few people and have gained the encouragement she needed. 

Maybe she figured it would be braver to stand up to her fears than run away from them. 

7. Good counseling 

We all know the importance of support in periods of emotional challenges. 

Communication and good counseling sessions help us see things from a different perspective.

She may have found the right foot she needed through proper counseling.

8. Children’s well-being 

Considering that leaving the marriage might affect her children’s view of her and their growing up, she could decide to swallow the hard pill and return to her family even though she didn’t want to. 

9. Rekindled feeling 

Sometimes, it’s just the affection that is lacking. Maybe she left because she no longer has any feelings for you. 

But time away from each other always has a way of rekindling lost feelings and reigniting the passion needed. 

She may start loving you again after staying away for some time, and the feelings will cause her to return to you.

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How to fix walk away wife syndrome

Fixing walk-away wife Syndrome requires a lot of patience and understanding. You need to understand where the whole thing started before you can think of fixing it. 

It will be easier if you notice the signs on time before she walks away to enable you to put things under control before they get out of hand. 

But if she already takes a walk and you’ve begun to wonder, do walk away wives ever return? Then you don’t have to panic. 

Follow these steps; hopefully, your wife will return to you sooner.

1. Self-reflection 

The first step towards fixing a walk-away wife syndrome is working on yourself. Think of all the things you do that might have contributed to pushing her away. 

Consider everything she typically complains about or the things you usually neglect. 

Maybe they are little things like your lack of responsibilities as the man of the house, not helping with chores, or not standing in for her when your family abuses her.

2. Apologize and take responsibility

Knowing that your negligence or maltreatment contributed to pushing her away, you have to take responsibility and seek for pardon. 

Find any means possible to reach out to her and apologize.

Make her see that you genuinely apologize for whatever you did or were doing wrong. Hopefully, you might convince her.

3. Address concerns 

Look into everything she complained to be the matter and strive to fix them as much as possible. 

Don’t just go with the cliche that all will be well, expecting her to believe you on hope. 

Make active efforts to see that you put things in order before reaching out to her.

4. Show change 

Make her see that you are a genuinely changed person and ready to give all it will take to make the marriage work again.

Talk to her with more respect and consideration. 

Reach out to everyone you know who can help talk to her. This way, she will acknowledge all your efforts and might reconsider.

5. Rekindle the connection

Try to light up the flame again by reminding her of the connection you once shared. 

Send her romantic texts in the form of apologies or promises of how better a husband you are ready to become and mean them.

Send her favorite bouquet with pictures of your romantic memories together to help remind her of what you both are about throwing away. 

All these gestures may help reconnect the connection between you two.

6. Respect boundaries

When she says stop, stop. Even though you need to come closer to her to win her back, being too persistent may have a counter effect on her. 

Respect her boundaries if she says she’s uncomfortable with your advances.

7. Show empathy

Show concern for all she might have been through while she was with you. 

She may have been patiently enduring some negative attitude from you, hoping you would come around, but you never did. 

Tell her how sorry you are for those times and promise it will never happen again.

8. Patience

Do not lose it on her just because she takes too long to come around. 

Losing your patience with her will only confirm her fears, proving she made the right call by leaving you. 

Take things easy with her, believing she will soon see reasons to return. 

9. Invest in Personal growth

Another essential step to take is to make an effort towards self-improvement. Invest in personal growth by developing yourself to become a better person. 

We all want to surround ourselves with quality people; we should also strive to become one. 

Improving your overall personality will increase the chances of her desire to come back to you.

10. Regular check-ins

By checking in on her constantly, she might be convinced you always think about her and might start reminiscing about the past.

Having you in mind always will make her miss the moments you shared, and she might want to come back to you. 

But you have to do it in a reasonable way that won’t come off to her as pestering. 

Check on her to show that you genuinely care about her and miss her dearly.

11. Forgiveness

Forgiveness is the key to a new start. If your wife walked out of the marriage to be with another man, it won’t be easy to forgive because infidelity can be most men’s highest form of disrespect.

But if you still want anything to do with her, you must force yourself to look over her misdeeds and let it all go.

12. Do things differently

If she initially faced the challenges of your family abusing her for any reason, show her that you are ready to change things by standing in for her this time. 

If it means relocating to a place she won’t have to encounter any of them anymore, then do so. Show her you are ready to protect her no matter what.

13. Respect her decision

It would be best to remember that the decision to return or not is hers to make. Respect her decision, no matter what, and take it with good fate. 

Imposing any decisions on her will further paint a bad picture of you and reduce the chances of reviving the union.

14. Seek Professional help

Finally, ask the experts to help you if you’re overwhelmed by guilt.

Speak to professional counselors about the situation, follow their guidance diligently, and hope that their advice will help you in convincing her to come back.


On a final note, if your wife recently left you and you are wondering about your chances of getting her back by asking, do walk away wives ever return?

 It mainly depends on why she left in the first place and the effort you are putting into seeing that she returns to you.

Sometimes, walk away wives return on their own accord, but this only happens twice in about a hundred instances of separation.

To get your walk away wife back, you should gently follow her with all the tips listed above, believing things will fall back to normal.

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