Free Dating Sites in The World Without Payment

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Free Dating Sites in The World Without Payment

Indeed, there is a man for every woman and vice versa. There is no reason to spend money looking for partners when there are large numbers of free dating sites and apps in the world without payment where you will get your desire.

Many free dating sites work ideally as much as paid dating sites. Your money should be spent on a date, actually, not on dating sites.

Keep reading as we bring you a list of some of the best free dating sites in the world without payment.

We will also bring to you their pros and cons and usability friendliness.

Keep in mind that not all of these free dating sites have complete free features. Some have free features as primary while you have to pay for premium to access some features, and some are spectacular to some category of persons.

Nevertheless, we bring some with the majorly free components that we think are worth your consideration and are less complicated to use.

We prioritize the sites based on user reviews, privacy and security, and unique features.

Here are ten of the most popular easy to use free dating sites in the world without payments we think you can try out.

Best free dating site for serious relationships

  • Tinder.
  • Bumble.
  • OkCupid.
  • OurTime.
  • Match.
  • Zoosk.
  • Hinge
  • Christian Mingle.

1. Tinder

Established in 2012 and currently used by over 50 million people worldwide, it is a dating site that matches singles virtually based on an individual’s updated profile.

It works by swiping to indicate who is most interested in the number of profiles (age, distance, color, interest, location, gender preference, etc.). Though Tinder is seen as a “hook-up” site, its real aim is to match two adults together for a long-term relationship.

To use Tinder, you begin swiping the app’s algorithm and like profiles that match your preference by swiping the profile to the left.

Swiping left means you dislike the profile, while swiping right on the profile means you have a preference for the profile and are ready to chat.

If the person you swipe right for does so in return for your profile, it means you are both matched and can start to chat with one another.

The app gives priority to active users and considers the data you input as a profile as criteria for match-up. 

You can create a Tinder profile by downloading the mobile application for Android or IOS or going through the site from a web browser. Your contact information, like phone number, Facebook, or email address is a prerequisite for creating the account.  

The app has other premium offers that come with payment and additional features that can aid your quick search for a partner. Tinder Plus is $9.99 per month, Tinder Gold at $18 per month, and Tinder Platinum at about $40 per month.


Easier registration process

It saves time and resources over traditional dating 

It also caters for gays and lesbians to help find their same-sex enthusiasts. 


 There has been a record of a hack in the past, and if such persists in the future, It poses a danger to your profile, more dangerous for you since you have to link your Facebook account with your Tinder profile.

The Basic (free) plan allows you to have limited numbers of swipes, i.e., the profiling algorithm brings to your timeline less than the premiums plans.

Scammers or catfish profile, many do not use their actual data. You won’t find out until you meet. This may be disappointing and make less effective the general purpose of the dating platform. 

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 2. Bumble 

Bumble was created by one of the co-founders of Tinder and has many features, the same as Tinder, especially the swipe feature.

The only significant difference is that it puts women in control of the process. Women must have shown interest and swipe right for a man before the man can get access to chat with her. 

To use Bumble, you must download the app either by IOS or Android or through their website.

Like other dating sites, you have the option of either log in through your Facebook account or using either your email address or phone number for identity verification.

Afterwards, you can set up your profile easily without hitches.

You equally have the option of connecting your Instagram and Spotify accounts to your bumble profile.


Video chat

Over 60% of chats on Bumble have been to lead to matches.

It has almost balanced gender demographics

Account setup is easy


It leaves only women in control

The match is lost after 24hrs if a woman you swipe right (like) does not initiate a chat with you. 

 3. OkCupid

It was first launched in 2004, comparably with the highest number of youth (age 25-35) seeking genuine relationships and is notoriously known for considering compatibility factors before matching.

OkCupid is ahead of other Free dating sites with many modern vibes and new multi-faceted matchmaking features.

The site and app have an appealing interface and are user-friendly since they were rebranded in 2018 and have a new incredible advertising strategy.

Their slogan is “dating deserves better,” and honestly, they have, over the years, improved in their service.

Unlike other dating sites, OkCupid will not press you with many questions that could make you say what is untrue about yourself when updating your profile.

They ask less bogus and fun questions like “Do you make your bed every night? “Your favorite artist, music, movies,” etc.

The site cares to know your take on diverse issues like politics, abortions, marriage, and birth, among others, to make sure they match you with the best potential partner.

OkCupid is equally liberal by taking care of the same-sex partner and accord a diligence process for them to equal their desired match.  


It offers more relatively free service than other dating sites

Well design and attractive interface make it easy for the user to navigate

It has search features that make you get your desire more quickly. 

It has many advanced filters compared to other dating sites

An external account like Instagram can be easily linked, which makes it more genuine 


Though relatively more minor, it also harbors certain catfish account

Its database is minimal compared to other dating sites.

4. OurTime

Unlike OkCupid, Tinder, and the rest of others which are geared toward the young crowd in their twenties to Thirties, OurTime is designed to help older singles mingle and find love even at old age.

It is a dating site that prioritizes fifty years and above.

OurTime is a testimony that it is never too late to find romantic love even at an advanced age.

Though there may not be too many options like those in their prime age, OurTime tries to make a perfect match for two old singles.

Since most of its users are old, it does not have many comprehensive features and is easy to navigate.

It has a free plan with a basic profile and less informative (gender, dating preference, location, birth date, pictures, etc.) and a premium plan (about me, personal essay, top interest, instant messaging, connect me, virtual gift, etc.).

This requires subscribers to have access to fill their complete profile, which is more informative and in-depth and makes matchmaking easier for potential partners.

There are categories of subscription plans on OurTime, and you choose relative to your financial ability and based on your hastiness for quick search. 

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The website is less cumbersome to use as it is devoid of bogus questions, and profiles to fill are not too many.

You can as a user, quickly search for members and find the best match without a subscription.


The location is currently restricted to America and Canada

Many of the features are in premium; that is, It needed a subscription to be accessed. 

You cannot search for users without first registering as a member

There are reported reviews of overcharging than the stated price on the site.

5. Match

Technically, you can make use of MATCH without making any payment. However, you may find it challenging to get your desired result.

As a free member, you can post photos, use winks, and make use of the matching system. It has a variety of search options.

It has a reasonably simple sign-up process; you start by choosing a username and password just as you created your social media account and then enter basic information about who you are.

You have no limitation of words you can write to describe yourself. You can update many of your lovely photos, and yeah, you are now ready to explore the site and find a perfect match for yourself.

The uniqueness of MATCH is its search options, it categorised mainly into four. There is ‘Go Search,” which takes you through a quick search due to the date you entered when signing up and the description you uploaded in your bio.

There is also “custom search,” where you can tie your search result based on preferences or particular characteristics you want in your partner.

For instance, you will be able to state whether it is chubby or slim, dark or light-skinned, booby or peck partner you desire.

On the other hand, “Reverse Match” helps you see search results of people who desire someone like you.

And lastly is “Mutual Match,” which provides a comprehensive profile of people in “Reverse Match” and closely matches your desired partner. 

As earlier said, it offers several free features but has premium plans that can make your partner search faster.

It has a complete plan of $35. 99, standard has two different options, The three-month standard plan for $19.99 per month and the six-month standard plan for $17.99. It also has a value plan with two options of three-month and six-month plans; they are $23.99 and $19.99, respectively.


The site has over 20 million users currently, so it opens users to various options.

Viewing profiles is free. You don’t need a subscription to access that.


Its subscription is comparably costly because it is one of the dating sites that offers the best service.

It does not offer live chats.

Due to large users, there is a high tendency for scammer and catfish account

 6. Zoosk

Zoosk appears as our number 6 in the priority of free dating sites. Zoosk is a matchmaking site that has existed for the past two decades and has been delivering excellently well with over a 35millions users.

The mobile dating app is available in over 80 countries and translated into 25 languages.

It has an enticing interface with a clean design that makes it easy to use. It has an almost equal demographic of gender. Unlike other dating sites, females are relatively more than males and have the average users age at 24 and 27 for males and females, respectively.

It is also gay, lesbian, and queer-friendly. Unlike other apps, you don’t have to fill out a long string about yourself before you are matched.

Zoosk uses “Behavioral Matchmaking,” an algorithm that studies users’ activities like messaging, winks and liking to bring the best matchmaking result. 

The dating site has additional features for paid users even though you can still enjoy features like photo upload, access to chat with millions of active users, verified profiles, modern users’ interface design, short questionnaires, etc.

The premium version comes with additional features, with subscriptions ranging from $12.49 to $29.95 depending on the month of the subscription and the number of terms chosen for premium membership. 

It also has a credit system called Zoosk coins that can be used to pay for features like incognito browsing, profile boosting and sending gifts to member’s chats. 


It has verification options for free

Has a large member base with close to 40millions users around the world

Gender balance of men and women

Equal gender treatment

Features to report or block abusive or fraudulent users. 


It does not support messaging for free member

It is expensive

You cannot use the carousel feature without uploading your photo. 

7. Hinge

The brand gave itself a funny but paradoxical appellation, “design to be deleted,” which means it has the work of matching you and your partner together. After that, you have no business with them again. A marketing strategy to suggest it won’t take long before you find your partner and forget about them. Isn’t that comic?

Hinge is a very amusing dating platform with an appealing interplay between text and visual, fun and flirty ways for users to communicate, though not readily usable for free users. It moves at a slow pace for non-premium users. 

Hinge is only available on mobile as an application; you will need to download the app before use.

To sign up, there is a standard questionnaire you will need to answer as an aspiring user.

Uploading your picture, you have the option of combining it with funny text to make it more interesting to view by other users.

Unlike others, the Hinge does not allow you to like a profile. Generally, you have to choose between a specific feature from the profile; it is the picture, hobbies, or any other distinctive feature you might like from the profile.

It has many exciting features embedded in its premium. You can see anyone who likes you, has unlimited likes, and you can filter matches to your preference. The subscription costs $19.99 for a month, $39.99 for three months, and $59.99 for six months.


It has a combination of texts with photos to showcase

It helps users build a fascinating profile that can make other members easily tempted to like the user’s profile

It has many ways to like profiles; this makes it possible to have likes on the app than other dating platforms.


There is a limitation to what free users can like

It has no video chat features

It is only available in the mobile application version

Its free version is slow to operate

8. Christian mingle

This is an online dating site for the Christian faithful who want a holy relationship centred around God’s will.

The site has a majority of its users in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia and over 9 million users worldwide with a balanced ratio between males and females.

It has outstanding potential for successful matchmaking for its members.

To sign up, the new member must fill out a form with personal information, with a total of 6 different pictures, and identity verification is necessary.

The site is friendly to use as it has lots of free features to aid members search; match suggestions, search options and search filters are all free. Messaging is for premium users, but a free user may freely respond to chat from a premium user without any cost.

It also has a feature of favorite and blacklist. 


It has a higher chance of getting a serious relationship

Quick registration process

It has 24/7 customer support 

It is the best compared to other Christian online dating sites.


It has no background check like connecting to members social platforms to check their authenticity or otherwise.

It is only restricted to Christian believers.

The interface design is too basic and unattractive.

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