Which Gender Is More Loyal In A Relationship

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which gender is more loyal in a relationship

Which gender is more loyal in a relationship has been an age-long question that begs for answers. This article provides crucial insights about faithfulness and loyalty in relationships.

It is commonly believed that women are more loyal than men. Women cheat for emotional needs and love, while men cheat for sex.

This script is the standard narrative we all have in our minds, making us draw assumptions about the sexuality of women.

Although these narratives remain unproven, we often view women through these assumptions as they form the core of most people’s views about loyalty and faithfulness in relationships.

As you read on, we’ll explore and uncover the facts about which gender is more loyal in a relationship.

Which gender is more loyal in a relationship

A survey involving both men and women who were married or divorced concluded that men are more likely to cheat on their partners.

It found that 20% of the men were having sex outside marriage, as opposed to the 13% mark for women.

The lower mark of unfaithfulness in women can be linked to some physical factors that result from the everyday duty of being a woman.

For instance, women get physical or mental exhaustion from caring for the children, going to work, and caring for their boyfriends or husbands if married.

It can also come from a place of respect and boundaries that the woman has for the man.

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Some reasons why women are more loyal in a relationship

1. Low sexual drive

A woman’s sexual desire is lower than a man’s, and a study has linked this sexual desire to psychological and hormonal factors.

It explained how testosterone in men causes differences in sexual urges.

The study investigated men and women who provided saliva samples showed that an informal contact with a woman of approximately 5 minutes resulted in an increase in salivary T among men.

2. Women believe in monogamy

According to research, men would be more tolerant of polygamous marriages.

However, it is uncommon for women to be polyandrous, which also depends on the country’s cultural practices.

Meanwhile, women prefer monogamy. Women value long-term commitment and are more willing to build stronger emotional connections with a committed man.

3. Women are supportive

Not only do women love hard, but women also show support the best way they can. Whether in a romantic relationship or with family and friends, women persist with their support and can endure bad times no matter how tough they get.

Women show men emotional support by encouraging them and listening to them express their emotions about things they’re bothered about, either work-related or otherwise.

Women receive strength from supporting their men, so staying loyal feels more like a reward than an obligation.

Simple things like caring about a man’s emotions, showing kindness, and giving compliments go a long way in strengthening the bond between the man and the woman.

4. Women express emotions better

Many people think women are more emotional than men, but research shows women know how to “express emotions” better than men.

This misconception is because men tend to hold back their emotions due to how society perceives men to be. Men are expected to show masculinity always.

Expressing emotions is not a weakness for women, but it shows their willingness to communicate their feelings in certain situations, which often strengthens the bond the couple has.

When men hold back their emotions, it can lead to anger.

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5. Women are Submissive

Submitting to a man helps a woman gain his trust. It gives a man more responsibility in the relationship.

Hence, women are ready to comply and consent to a man holding more authority than them, and it can also be because of social or cultural factors and religion.

Whatever the reason, women submit to build a healthy relationship with their partner, help the man in times of need, and allow him to take care of her as he wishes.

6. Societal reasons

Society plays a significant role in how a woman should be in a relationship or marriage. Society often criticizes women for being unfaithful more than they blame the men.

Some cultures don’t frown at men having multiple partners but expect more from women.

7. Financial security

Women who aren’t financially buoyant have to depend on their partners for their needs.

Most of these women focus their time on caring for the children and building their homes, while others rely on their men because they’re unemployed.

We see a lot of controversies on social media on how women are tagged as “gold diggers” for leaning on a man for financial support.

In contrast, the men also depend on women at times when they probably lost their jobs and needed someone to rely on or need funding for their businesses.

8. To keep her man

There’s a myth that “Good men are hard to find,” and so many women believe in it either because they’ve gone through a series of heartbreaks or they haven’t found the right man yet.

This underscores when a woman meets a good man who showers her with love and attention, she might be excited and start visualizing him as a potential future partner and would not want to lose him no matter what.

A healthy relationship would encourage a woman to be loyal at all costs.

9. For love

When a woman has so much affection for a man, she would do exceptional things and think of only good ideas to make the relationship work.

It also applies to men. Whosoever is willing to make the relationship work will find ways to make it work.

Things like being loyal, giving emotional support, sexual satisfaction, being a good listener, and celebrating the man would come naturally for a woman to do.

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10. For their children

Raising children in a broken home can be challenging for both the parents and the children.

Frequently, parents fight for custody of their kids, which results in arguments and misunderstandings.

Research shows that children whose parents get divorced have low social contact and find it hard to relate with others.

They also go through feelings of insecurity, which can be detrimental to their health and well-being in general.

Considering the emotional trauma it can leave on the children, women tend to secure their marriages to keep the family together; raising the children in a stable home becomes a priority.

11. Emotional safety

Finding a man to be vulnerable with and at peace under challenging situations is essential to a woman.

Being loyal will make the relationship more robust, so women have that in mind always.

Emotional safety is important because it increases compassion towards each other, allows us to be free, make bold decisions together, and makes the relationship less boring.

It also helps both partners to be authentic in the relationship, and one cannot find this in a partner if they aren’t loyal.

12. Women value relationships more

Research has shown that women value relationships more than men. A woman finds pleasure and fulfillment in her life through the quality of her relationships.

Spending time with her partner and having someone to communicate with can be pretty fulfilling.

Conversely, some men prefer independence and don’t like being too clingy in a relationship, so they focus on work or social activities.

13. Fear

There’s so much attention the community has given women to act a certain way or do certain things, which instills fear in women’s minds.

Some women often lack the confidence to complain about what they go through or discuss how much they get affected in their relationships or marriages.

Some women endure abusive relationships because they fear the insecurities of their men and what the men may do to them.

So, staying loyal becomes the only option for them.


Both men and women are responsible for whatever happens in their relationships and should try as much as possible to do their best to keep it going.

Which gender is more loyal in a relationship shouldn’t be limited to one, but looking at different studies, women are more loyal in relationships.

Women have less tendency to become unfaithful because of their passion to make things work if they are being treated right.

Some cultures have also made it a habit to brush off the unfaithful actions of men than women.

Women are used as a topic of discussion and judged anytime they betray their partners. I believe both genders should be treated equally in situations like this.

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