Men That Use Women For Money – 12 Ways To Stop Him

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men that use women for money

A trend has emerged about men that use women for money. It’s a controversial topic that might stir discomfort because, let’s face it, you’ve either witnessed it or know someone who has. 

The reliance on women for money is becoming a thing, and more women are on guard against this to avoid falling prey to men with unhealthy motives. 

Financial manipulation can leave scars on the emotional well-being of its victim. For this reason, you should always look for signs of monetary manipulation in relationships. 

When women find themselves involved with men that use women for money, it’s not just a hit to the pocket; it’s a blow to their sense of self-worth.

In this article, you’ll learn not only how to spot these kinds of men easily but also how to avoid them. 

And if, by a stroke of misfortune, you’re currently involved with one, this article also sheds light on how you can deal with him.

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Signs Of Men That Use Women For Money

In today’s complex world of relationships, it’s crucial to understand the signs indicating when men use women for financial gain. 

Research has shown that over 50% of women leave financial decisions to their men. While there is much to gain from healthy financial partners, some women are taken advantage of by their lovers. 

Some men tend to financially exploit their partners to no end without paying much concern about how their actions affect the other party. 

It will not always be easy to determine if your partner mostly uses you for financial gain if the relationship is healthy. 

If you find yourself in a relationship with doubts about your lover, it is okay to seek clarity about the relationship and your well-being. 

Not all men are wired to depend on their women’s money; it is pertinent not to be too quick in your assessments during decision-making. 

Some indicators suggest a man is clearly after a woman’s money and not necessarily a relationship. 

These indicators show men’s most behavioral patterns when it’s all about the money. Outlined are some of the signs that indicate a man is only using you for cash. 

1. He is always low on cash

Financial struggles are part of life, but consistent reliance on your partner for monetary bailouts raises a red flag. 

If he’s continually short on funds and never hesitates to ask for financial favors, it’s time to question whether your relationship is becoming a financial crutch. 

While supporting each other is vital, a continuous drain on your resources without reciprocity can signal deeper issues.

2. He is living expensively on your money

Balancing shared expenses is one thing, but if his lifestyle soars when your paycheck hits the bank, it’s time for a reality check.

Using your money to fund an extravagant lifestyle without contributing his fair share can indicate ulterior motives. 

A relationship should be built on mutual respect and shared responsibilities, not one person bankrolling the other’s numerous indulgences. 

If your partner keeps demanding that you buy him expensive gadgets, wristwatches, clothes, etc., without reciprocating sometimes, he might be after your money. 

3. His career life is not healthy, with no move to improve

This could be a sign that a man is using a woman for money, but it’s essential to consider the context and other factors before making assumptions. 

When a man has a weak career, a low-paying job, or is unemployed with no hunger to advance his career, he will look up to you next.

If he consistently relies on you for financial support and is not actively pursuing his career or trying to contribute financially to the relationship, it may raise concerns about his intentions. 

4. He pays little or no attention to your needs

This could be a sign of a one-sided or unhealthy relationship dynamic. 

In a healthy relationship, both partners should be attentive to each other’s needs and work together to meet them. This includes emotional and financial support, communication, and mutual care. 

If he consistently disregards your needs and only focuses on his wants and desires, it can be a red flag, indicating that the relationship is not balanced or fulfilling for you.

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5. He won’t discuss long-term commitment

When someone refuses to discuss a long-term relationship, it typically indicates a lack of commitment or a desire to keep the relationship at a more casual or short-term level. 

Discussing long-term plans, such as where the relationship is headed, life goals, and commitment expectations, helps both partners understand each other’s intentions and compatibility. 

If he consistently avoids discussing these matters, it may suggest that he’s not interested in a more profound commitment but just the benefits he gets from the relationship.

6. He worries too much about your money

He is probably bad news for you if he cares too much about your finances, even more than his own. 

You don’t have a duty to explain all your money moves to him or to tell him how much money you have in your bank. 

So if he makes a fuss about how much you spend on your hair or consistently tries to talk you out of every little expense you have to make, which doesn’t include him, you should be worried. 

However, your partner has a right to be interested in your finances, especially if you’re considering a long-term relationship. 

The problem arises when he doesn’t set a better example of financial ownership himself for you to follow. 

So, he might be doing too much about your financial matters so you can have enough money when he needs it.

7. He is always in a financial mess

If you find yourself involved with a man who always has a dire financial situation and always requires money from you to escape from it, chances are he’s only after your money. 

Does he always have debts, urgent bills, or a non-existent project to embark on once he sees you have some money to spare? 

If the answer to these questions is yes, then you should start learning to say No.

8. He avoids discussions about his job and finances

It is usual for people in a relationship to have little chats about their living experiences, including their work and money. 

If your man quickly changes the subject when it hovers around his job, he could be hiding something unpleasant from you. 

If he says he’s a businessman, gently ask him what his business entails. You have a right to know what he does if you are both keen on committing to the relationship. 

Your partner should be okay with telling you what job he does, except if there’s nothing to discuss. 

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How To deal with a man who uses women for money 

1. Know when to draw the line

If your man keeps coming to you for money over and over and you keep letting him have his way, he’s going to drain and wear you out in no time. 

You must learn to set boundaries, say no to specific requests, or risk financial consequences yourself. 

Don’t give him access to your card or the keys to where you keep your most valuable possessions if he is careless with funds. 

2. Have an honest conversation with him

The “talk” can help you set the records straight with him. You should be able to tell him how you feel about his many money requests and how they affect you. 

Ensure you try to be as polite as possible when speaking with him and do not attempt to denigrate him. 

If you’re honest enough, and he’s reasonable to go with it, he should see things from your perspective and have a change of heart. 

3. Suggest taking Loans

If your man is financially responsible, he should have no problem considering this option. 

You don’t have to be the go-to bailout option for all his “money problems. 

If you don’t trust his payback words, point him towards a loan offer. 

4. Delay in giving him the money

Try holding up on giving him the money immediately after he asks for it and watch his reactions. 

Does he explore other options or continue pestering you? If the latter is valid with your man, that is not healthy. 

If he sees reluctance from you, he should try to understand why you feel that way. 

5. Say No to him

A firm No from you could be what you need to set your man back on track. It would be best not to give in to all his requests, or you’ll risk losing every time. 

If you keep leading him on to think you’ll always be there for him, you’ll soon need saving in no time for yourself. 

When he asks if he can borrow your car for the umpteenth time, tell him you have somewhere to go yourself to monitor his reactions. 

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6. Ask for more commitment from him

There are other things to deal with in your relationship that don’t necessarily revolve around money or material things. 

Your plans for kids, career aspirations, and life’s goals are also top on your checklist. 

If your boyfriend is not keen on discussing the future but is more interested in how you spend your money, you should be worried.

Try asking him how he feels about settling down and whether he thinks in that direction. 

7. Offer to lend him the money

This is one way to know if your man is playing you or being only interested in your money.

Strike a deal with him on when he’ll return the money and tell him how urgent you’ll need the money by then. 

If he is honest and goes on to take the money, he’ll be more prudent with his spending choices. 

If he refuses your offer or accepts it and fails to return it when due, you’ll need to probe even further. 

8. Suggest other alternatives

You don’t always have to be the one-stop shop for all his financial solutions. If you feel he’s short on money, steer him to other helpful ideas or alternatives.

Point him towards a side hustle or a mutual friend or suggest less costly ways to navigate a complex financial situation. 

If he’s not open to your suggestions and insists solely on your help, you could just be lurking dangerously in lousy territory.

9. Tell him you have plans for your money

When your man asks for monetary favors, tell him you have issues and plans for the money.

If he takes it gracefully and seeks help elsewhere, you can easily know he’s genuine and considerate. Any other reaction will prove disturbing.

10. Ask his reasons for demanding money from you

His answer to this question should help you find clarity and closure. 

If he’s sincere and his reasons are valid, you can be satisfied with your subsequent reaction. 

He could likely have an emergency to address or an opportunity he wants to key into. 

11. Know when to call it a Quit

If you have tried all the suggestions outlined and he doesn’t change his attitude, consider parting ways with him.

Pursuing a relationship with a man who’ll not look beyond your purse is unnecessary. It can be frustrating and ultimately disappointing. 


It’s not unusual in our society to find men who depend on women for their livelihood. However, some men use manipulative techniques to use women for their money. 

While some of these signs can be misinterpreted or overlooked, this article aims to shed light on them and help you stay vigilant to avoid falling into their trap. 

Despite recognizing these signs, you may still become a victim of his manipulative tactics. That is why it is important to know when to set boundaries and call it quits in such relationships. 

Note that most of these financially dependent men are irresponsible and are only with you because of what you offer them. 

It is essential to pay attention to these signs, as it doesn’t only indicate a major red flag but protect you from emotional distress and potential financial loss. 

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