14 Signs She Wants You Badly In Her Life

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signs she wants you badly

When a man sees a lady he likes, the best way is to follow the friendship route to get to know her. It allows him to test the mutuality of feelings and understand if their preferences align.

However, knowing whether a lady you like shares the same feelings with you can be difficult.

Women are dramatic and can be highly sensitive around a guy they love. The reason is because they do not want to feel desperate. 

They think showing off their affection could make the guy take them for granted, especially when she is unsure he likes her back. Women fear rejection, as it hurts their egos so much.

Another reason is women ordinarily love showing the signs and waiting for the guy to ask them out directly. They feel the subtle signs she wants you badly are enough to draw him in. 

It can also be because she is confused and does not know if you are worth her attention. 

Sometimes, it can be confusing whether she just needs your attention, wants to flirt with you, or wants a serious relationship.

Regardless, you should clear up this confusion and approach her to know her intention. 

But before you approach, note these obvious signs.

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14 signs she wants you badly in her life

It is essential to understand that everyone expresses interest differently. To make a clear deduction, you must pay attention to every moment shared with her.

 Remember, she is not always chatty because you are the only one on her contact list. She does not laugh so intensely because you are the funniest person she has ever known. 

She may be doing all of these because she is uncontrollably into you. However, don’t be unnecessarily sensitive while around her. 

1. She always wants to talk to you

A woman who badly wants you in her life will do everything possible to ensure she stays in communication with you. Even at her inconvenience, she will always like to update you.

She will never bore you with casual chats like ‘Hey’ or “What’s up” every time. She will be willing to have deeper interaction with you. 

She will feel very comfortable telling you every detail about how she spent her day. 

She will hardly object when you request physical contact. She will study your topic of interest and want to keep you entertained about it. 

At the initial stage of your friendship, she may not like a topic you always discuss, but because she likes you and wants to keep communication afloat, she will update her knowledge and be willing to discuss it. 

Also, at intervals of conversation, she may complement your opinion and let you be aware of how smart you are. 

You become the last person she chats online at night and the first person she texts in the morning. 

This is a clear sign she can’t wait to be in a romantic relationship with you.

2. She responds quickly to your chat

Irrespective of how busy she can be, she will respond to your chat immediately after she sees it. 

She may set a special notification tone for your message so she won’t miss out on your chat. 

She can even double-text to show that she is interested in you. It is her subtle way of showing that nothing is more important at the time than your response.

3. She introduces her relations to you

Friends and family are a big part of our lives, and it is with them we share our pain and pleasure. 

If she considers you as a loving person, she won’t hesitate to introduce her family and friends to you. She will connect you with them and allow you to relate freely.

Also, because she wants to be part of your life, she may request to know the types of friends you move with. 

She will be willing to relate with them. At intervals, she may ask what your friends are saying about her. She asks because she knows your friends can influence your decision to ask her out.

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4. Consistent physical contact

A woman who is into you will always find an excuse to get physically close to you when talking. She will hug you intensely when she has the opportunity to. 

She will be more frequent in playing with your beards. She also enjoys sitting closely with you. When in public, she will be at ease holding your hand. 

She is giving people the impression that you’re a long-time couple. 

This could mean she is flirting with you, which indicates that she feels something for you. 

If you touch her first and she doesn’t like it, she will retreat and may even warn you against it, but if she happily returns the gesture, it indicates she is into you.

5. She frequently asks about your plan

A woman who wants you will ask questions about your future goals and ambitions. She can start by discussing her own life first. 

She will talk more about marriage and the kind of man she wants to marry. She will ask about yours and still ask some follow-up questions after each of your answers.

It is normal if you talk about the future occasionally, but if she talks about it frequently, she is willing to share her future with you. 

She will pay more attention when discussing the topic and will remember every detail of the discussion.

6. She posts about you on social media

It is an obvious sign she wants you badly if she frequently posts your picture on her social media profile at the exclusion of other men. 

She will post you with romantic words or emojis. The post will give your followers the impression that you are dating.

Also, she will often check your social media profile and like your latest photos. She will also comment on the post and talk about it in your private conversation.

7. She respects your opinion

A woman who likes you will frequently ask for your opinion when confused. She will also respect your opinion and abide by it. 

It means your choice is hers, and she trusts you enough to go with it.

Even if your opinion differs on a range of things, she will value it and won’t force you to have a change of value. 

You may probably argue on some differences, but she will make it a healthy one.

8. She gets jealous when you are with other women

A lady who likes you will quickly ask about the identity of another woman around you who is not your family or close friends. 

If she checks your social media profile and discovers you are frequently chatting with a random lady, she will playfully ask about her. 

This is a sign that she only wants you to herself. If you mutually know the lady, she will talk about some of her negative sides and jokingly ask you to be careful of her.

You will notice a change in her mood when another woman approaches and hugs you. 

If she notices you talk about a particular lady all the time, she may outrightly tell you to stop talking about her whenever you are together.

 She may be jealous if you tell her you received a gift from a woman she doesn’t know. 

9. She gives you access to her private life

A lady who likes you will be convenient enough to trust you with her private affairs. She will allow you to access her phone and check her social media handle. 

 She will tell you every detail about her family, past life, and her mistakes in the previous years. She will ensure you know about every personal issue in her life.  

She can also talk about her last relationship and how the break happened. You may be the only person she tells this to, and she may not even share this privacy with her close friends. 

It means she wants you to listen and interact with her intimately.

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10. She is concerned about her appearance when together

A woman who is into you will frequently seek validation about her looks when you are together. She will dress nicely and appear more beautiful when with you. 

She wants to strive hard to be the most beautiful woman you will ever see. If she recently made a new hair, she will ask you if it looks gorgeous. 

She will make sure you notice her new shoe and ask if it is nice on her. If you plan a date, she will honour the date in one of her best gowns.

11. She is quick to apologize

A lady who secretly likes you will find possible means to please you. She will avoid any conversation that can trigger bitter arguments. 

She will take her time to learn and notice what annoys you and ensure you are not angry at her.

If she does something wrong, she will be quick to apologize genuinely. If you are at fault, she will want you to talk about it and politely tell you she feels hurt. 

12. She likes to tease and make fun of you

One of the signs she wants you badly is always being playful around you. She will be teasing you in ways she might never done before. 

She will not be frightened or nervous when talking to you. She will frequently annoy and provoke you to do her wish. She will easily laugh at your silly mistakes.

13. She often sends you her picture

It is a good sign if she often spams you with her pictures.

If she has a special occasion to attend, she may send a different picture of herself in a dress and ask you to choose the best for her. 

This is a clear sign she wants you badly and to be engaged in her life.

14. She is always supportive

If you are facing challenges, she will always come through to help. She may lend you some money after you complain about being broke. 

She may ask you to pay back at your convenient time. 

If you have health issues and no one to help, she will volunteer to help you with whatever you need to get better. 

She will constantly seek opportunities that can uplift your career goal.

Final Thought

It’s important to know that women express their interests and attractions differently. These signs can vary significantly depending on the individual, their personality, and the context of your existing relationship.

If you miss these signs, she will think you don’t like her or are not worth the time. If you genuinely have feelings for her, it is best to ask her out now. 

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