How To Make Someone Feel Guilty For Cheating

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how to make someone feel guilty for cheating

Vin has cheated on his girlfriend.

Beverly feels terrible, like every person who gets cheated on in a relationship.

Stuck at a crossroads. Beverly is left with the option of staying back or leaving. She chooses to stay. But she is not staying without making Vin feel guilty for what he has done.

How does she achieve this?

This is a query lots of people ask when they want to make their partner feel guilty for cheating in a relationship. And trust me, cheating can be so painful. But you fail a big lot if you don’t distinguish how you feel from what you want to do.

You must understand that if you must succeed in making your partner feel guilty, you need a clear mind. You act based on what your partner has done and not how you think.

Here are six steps on how to make someone feel guilty for cheating

  • Determine if You Want them Back
  • Limit Contact
  • Checkout for The Hoops
  • Avoid Intimacy
  • Stir Jealousy
  • Brace up to Walk Away

1. Determine if You Want them Back

When someone cheats on you, this is the first decision to take. How do you feel? Can you forgive their presence again in your life?

Most times, people make the mistake of allowing a cheating partner into their lives and ending up being cheated on again and again.

Simultaneously, some are too quick to walk away without giving a second thought. When your partner cheats, take your time and heal. Your relationship isn’t boarding the next flight to Tokyo.

Calm down and think and ask yourself questions like, ”Do I need my partner back in my life”? When this question has been answered, the following five steps can follow.

2. Limit Contact

This can be too strenuous for you to adapt, but when someone cheats on you, they may try to recoup back into your life as fast as they can through constant messages and calls to initiate conversations.

Try and ignore their excess means to reach out to you. And avoid meetings or dates that can steer up memories.

Steer clear of contact at all costs, and this will make them fight for your attention if you want them back in your life.

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3. Check out the hoops

There are two hoops to watch out for when your partner cheats on you.

Are they still in contact with the person they cheated on you with? Have they proven to you how remorseful they are through their actions?

If your partner truly feels remorse for what they’ve done, they shouldn’t be seen hanging out with the person they cheated with. If they do, they aren’t remorseful for hurting you.

They may have grown an emotional attachment to the person they cheated on you with. At this point, you’ve lost and should call it to quit.

It makes no sense to see someone who doesn’t value your mental health.

A man who cheated on you and wants to make things right shouldn’t hang around ladies until his partner is emotionally stable. The same applies to women.

You shouldn’t go any further if you don’t see your partner making these changes.

4. Avoid intimacy

Never give a partner who cheated on you easy access to your body. Avoid physical contact at all costs. No cuddling, no kisses. Do not provide them access to these.

If your significant other engages in infidelity with another, you have to make them fight back their way into your life; otherwise, they won’t learn how to keep you.

They confidently anticipate maybe you are the type that will accept them back no matter what they do. This is an impression you should never create.

And if you’ve done this in time past, try and retrace your step, and trust me, it’s going to do wonders in your relationship when your partner works their way back into your life.

5. Stir jealousy

If you want to make your partner remorseful for what they’ve done, make them jealous of you.

Go hang out with the opposite sex. This will stir jealousy and make them feel guilty for giving a chance for another party to occupy your space, and they might want to do everything in their power to reach out to you.

When their jealousy is aroused, they begin to feel guilty and seek to make amends.

6. Brace up to walk away

There is no trophy for the longest relationship in the world. What matters most is your happiness.

Never fault yourself for your partner’s infidelity. They cheated because they lacked the discipline to stay faithful to you.

If you try out all these and many more that you can, and it seems not to work, find the courage and walk away.

It’s always challenging to walk out of a relationship when you’ve put in a lot of energy to work.

Nevertheless, putting your long-term happiness in view and walking out of toxicity, mental illness, and heartbreak will save you.

You are walking away because you deserve someone better. Moving on does not make you weak. You are strong because you walked away. You defeated an emotionally draining relationship.

To get the partner you want, you must be able to lose the partner you have, and knowing what to do to safeguard your mental space is golden.

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