My Mom Passed Away Can She See Me

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my mom passed away can she see me

The weight of grief is immeasurable. It hangs heavy on our shoulders, pulling us into an abyss of sadness. 

In the middle of the storm of emotions when one loses his/her dear mum, questions like “My mom passed away can she see me” often emerge, and it’s a natural way to reflect on the memories we share with our loved ones.

My mom passed away can she see me

This query touches upon the profound mysteries of life and death, plus our desire to know what lies beyond the curtain of life. Different cultures, religions, and spiritual beliefs offer varied answers to this question. 

Some believe our loved ones who’ve passed on can watch over us from the afterlife, acting as guardian spirits or angels. Others feel their presence in moments of serendipity or unexpected reminders. 

Losing a mom is the most heartbreaking experience. It’s the loss of a guiding star, a constant support, and a source of unconditional love. 

This article delves into the raw emotions and the universal experiences of loss and seeks to offer solace and understanding to those navigating this heart-wrenching journey.

My mum died where is she now

For many years, different cultures, religions, and philosophical traditions have tried to answer where people go after they die.

This has different explanations and beliefs. For some, these beliefs offer comfort and a way to deal with the absence felt after a loss, while others seek insights from science, personal experiences, or spiritual explorations. 

Regardless of our perspective, the desire to understand our place in the cosmos and the cycle of life and death is a timeless and universal human pursuit. 

Here are concepts that answer the question of the afterlife.

1. Religious beliefs

For many, religion provides the foundation for their beliefs about the afterlife. 

Christianity speaks of Heaven, a paradise where souls rest in eternal happiness. Islam similarly describes Paradise (Jannah) as a place for the righteous. Hinduism believes in the cycle of reincarnation, where the soul returns to Earth in a new form. At the same time, Buddhism views death as a transition to another existence, potentially leading to enlightenment. 

Regardless of one’s doctrine, the essence remains that our loved ones find peace or a new purpose after their earthly departure.

2. The legacy they leave behind

Even for those without religious inclinations, the idea that our loved ones live on through their actions, values, and memories they left behind can be a source of comfort. 

A mother’s lessons, her laughter, and even the smallest moments shared can become the beacon that guides us. 

In this sense, she remains very much alive in our actions and thoughts. So, while she is dead and buried, we can enjoy those little acts and gestures.

3. Scientific Interpretations

From a scientific standpoint, energy cannot be created nor destroyed; it merely changes forms. 

If we perceive our consciousness or essence as a form of energy, it continues to exist in a different state or dimension.

Some theories even propose that our consciousness is intertwined with the universe, suggesting that our loved ones become one with the vast cosmos. 

With this in mind, you are sure that your mother found peace.

4. Spiritual connections

Many believe in the power of spiritual connections; this means they are convinced that their loved ones can send signs or messages from the other side. 

This might manifest as a sudden aroma reminiscent of them, a random memory popping up, or even dreams where they appear.

Such moments can serve as gentle reminders that, although not physically present, they might be watching over us, offering guidance and love from afar.

5. The cycle of nature

Nature has its poetic way of explaining death and rebirth. The trees shed their leaves, which decompose and enrich the soil, giving rise to new life. 

Similarly, our physical bodies return to the Earth, becoming part of the cycle of life. 

This perspective offers a holistic view where death is merely a part of the journey, leading to new beginnings.

How to connect with my mom who passed away 

The desire to reconnect, to say one more word, or to share one more memory often becomes an unquenchable thirst. 

But even though the physical presence of your mom is no longer with you, her spirit, her memories, and the love you shared can still be accessed in many ways. 

Here are some strategies to help you connect with your late mother and keep her memory alive.

1. Embrace grieve

Before anything else, it’s vital to understand that grieving about the loss of a loved one is natural. It’s a journey, not a destination. 

Permit yourself to feel sadness, anger, confusion, or even guilt. 

Each person’s grieving journey is unique, and by embracing yours, you open pathways for healing and connection. 

Only after you have accepted the reality on ground and healed can you get answers to questions like, My mom passed away can she see me.

2. Memorial rituals

Establish a ritual in honour of your mom. Not everyone agrees with this act, but it works. 

It can be as simple as lighting a candle by her picture or visiting her resting place with fresh flowers. 

Some people choose annual events, like preparing their favourite meal on their birthday. These rituals help us remember her and serve as an anchor, grounding us during tumultuous emotional times. 

3. Journaling

Write letters to her. Share your day, your fears, hopes, and dreams. It might seem one-sided at first, but over time, you may find a sense of calm, as if you’re having a silent conversation with her. 

This has proven to be an effective way to connect with your loved ones. When you keep writing these letters to her, you will get the answers you seek, which will seem like they are from her.

4. Through dreams

Some people believe that our loved ones can visit us in dreams. If you also share this belief, give it a try. 

Before sleeping, ask your mother to come to your dreams and guide you or just be with you. If you desire her presence, it will manifest in your subconsciousness. 

Even if she doesn’t appear immediately, the very act of openness can bring comfort.

5. Meditation & Visualization

Spend a few quiet moments daily visualizing a place where you and your mum can meet. 

Over time, this mental space can become a refuge where you feel her energy and presence. 

It is like meditation; when you are focused on seeing her, you are triggering your brain to create a scene where she is present with you. 

6. Seek signs

Many believe that our departed loved ones send signs. It could be a familiar scent, a song, a butterfly, or a sudden cool breeze.

While it’s essential not to obsess over these signs, being open to them can offer unexpected moments of connection. 

We can only assume as humans, but we cannot say whether these signs have anything to do with our loved ones. 

Accepting the signs as a message will give you the feeling that she is with you; it won’t hurt to believe.

7. Keep her stories alive

Share stories of her with family, especially younger generations. This helps you reconnect and ensures her memory stays vibrant and impactful for years to come. 

Telling this story will not be easy because it could feel like reopening old wounds; it is important firstly to embrace grieving and then heal completely from your loss. This way, you can tell her story without getting emotionally down.

8. Seek professional guidance

Connecting with your mum after her death is dicey; you can build a healthy connection or become obsessed with talking to her again. 

To avoid the latter, you need to heal completely. If you’re having difficulty coping, consider seeking a therapist or counsellor specialising in grief management. 

Speaking to an unbiased professional can sometimes offer insights and coping techniques you hadn’t considered. 

This option will help you achieve a healthy connection. Joining a support group can also be beneficial. 

Sharing your feelings and hearing others experiences can make the grieving process more bearable. It’s a reminder that you’re not alone in your pain.

9. Explore spiritual practices

Consider exploring spiritual practices or beliefs about the afterlife. Whether reading literature, attending seminars, or talking to spiritual leaders, understanding different viewpoints can bring solace. 

While many spiritual practices promise a direct connection, be careful not to get lost in your desires. Some promise to invoke your loved ones’ spirit; these are just claims.

10. Engage in activities she loved

Was there an activity or hobby your mother adored? Whether painting, gardening, or dancing, immerse yourself in it. 

It can feel like a shared experience, a moment where you can sense her spirit cheering you on.

11. Create a legacy in her name

Start a charity, a scholarship, or even a simple community service in her name. 

Every time you engage in these activities, it’s a testament to her influence and love. 

If you put a smile on the faces of others on behalf of your mother, you will feel a sense of fulfilment.

12. Physical mementos

Keep a souvenir – it could be her scarf, jewelry, or even a book she loved. Sometimes, just holding onto a physical item can be a strong link to her memory. 

This simple act will go a long way. If you feel alone, pick the item as a reminder of when she kept you company.

13. Listen to her favourite music

Music has a profound ability to evoke emotions. Create a playlist of songs that remind you of her or ones that she loved. 

Let the melodies take you on a journey of reflection. You’ll be surprised by the kind of connection you will build when you play music and let your emotions take over.

14. Artistic expression

Paint, craft, write, or dance. Express your feelings and memories through art. This not only serves as therapy but also as a celebration of the bond you shared.

Art helps you create your own world.


The one reason people ask questions like “My mom passed away can she see me” is to get closure. 

The absence of your mother might leave a void, but her essence teachings and love will always remain alive within you. 

It’s not about bridging a gap between life and death but more about honouring your bond when she was alive. 

You can find unique ways to feel her presence through memories, rituals, and emotions and by cherishing the moments spent together and establishing new traditions in her memory, you’re reconnecting with her and finding ways to heal your soul. 

Remember, love transcends the physical realm. 

With every memory you revisit, every tear you shed, and every laugh you remember, you’re celebrating a bond that not even death can break. 

Embrace the journey of reconnection, for it’s a testament to an undying love that continues to illuminate your path in the darkest times.

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