8 Long Distance Relationship Problem And How To Fix Them

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Long distance relationship problems
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A long-distance relationship isn’t a bed of roses. It requires hard work, dedication, and, most importantly, the willingness to make it work. Undeniably, a long distance relationship has its problems that might not be relatable to a regular relationship.

It is no longer news that many people believe long distance relationships never work out or rarely work out. There is a lot of long distance relationship problem you will surely encounter in your love journey.

If you are ready to commit and determined, kindly ignore the myth and work things out for your happiness. I met my husband on Twitter, and today, we are parents to two beautiful kids and still waxing strong.

It’s tough work. There were days we had long fights and disagreements on issues while miles away. At other times, we felt like giving it up, followed by questions like is it worth it?

It takes two to tango, so I heard. During those downtimes, it took our determination to let it work, though separated miles away.

Don’t panic. Long-distance relationships work but also have it’s own challenges. At the same time, it has also been proven to be very effective in building and growing relationship bonds.

It ignites a burning desire in you whenever you finally get the chance to meet. 

Discover the 8 long distance relationship problems and how to fix them. 

1. Lack of effective communication

Not being in the same location as your partner is hard. It is an indescribable situation that encourages frustration and leaves many questions unanswered.

You can’t get angry at your partner and want to trash it out physically at the end of the week. It can also be terrifying to be apart from one’s partner miles away. This can breed problems you never thought could arise.


Put in efforts to communicate effectively; if in the same time zone work more on communicating in the evening to have more to talk about.

Also, on this, I will advise a weekly scoreboard of each other’s deeds, and when it isn’t a 10/10, let the defaulter ask what they can do to make it perfect.

If they are genuinely a lover who cares, they will make things easier for you to clear doubts. This will enhance the quality of your relationship significantly.

2. Time zone struggles

If the distance between you and your partner involves a different time zone, there might be time zone struggles, which might be the first problem you will encounter in a long-distance relationship.

For Couples in LDRS, the time zone difference makes communication and connecting a big challenge.

It’s probably bedtime, and you are eager to put a call through to your partner. Your partner at that moment in a different time zone is having breakfast and heading out to work in a hurry.


Both partners need to acknowledge the difference between time zones. Create your schedule of communication around hours that will be convenient for both partners to talk.

Patience and understanding should also be employed in both parts. Communicating when in different time zones will be different and might not be spontaneous compared to when in the same city.

Explore options like scheduling calls, Skype video calls, and WhatsApp video calls ahead of time.

3. Insecurities

In long-distance relationships, it is perfectly normal to experience some forms of insecurity, especially when it comes to someone you love. You keep wondering how will you cope with being apart for that long.

When are we eventually going to see again? Or when to meet each other finally for those who haven’t seen their lover before. It really sucks.

But you need to keep the insecurity at bay for it not to be a major problem in your long-distance relationship

However, the constant feeling of insecurity is terrible for you, your mental health, and your relationship over time. 

You get jealous of seeing them with other people, especially people of the opposite sex. That can create a lot of imagination in your head.


Talk and be open to your partner about these insecurities and agree best on how to handle them all.

During my moments of bliss and distance relationship, my partner’s major insecurity issue is my unnecessary bonding(he sees it as unnecessary) with the opposite sex in my workplace. But that can’t be avoided, you know.

We both agreed on a solution, which is no unnecessary bonding with the opposite sex. At least don’t rub it on their face on social media.

Reassuring each other that you won’t do anything stupid, such as lying or seeing someone else while your partner is away.

This is key to keeping insecurities at bay.

4. Ghosting

I am sure at some point in life, you have been ghosted in the past. History may repeat itself in your long-distance relationship, which is not a good sign.

Like your partner not responding to your calls or messages, you can see them uploading pictures on their social media and living their best lives without you in it.

This can be devastating as it will have you thinking so many things at once, like, why is he not picking up my calls? Is he hiding something from me?


When this becomes a norm without explanation, ensure they are who they claim to be. For those who are into online dating, request for video calls and check out social media to be sure they are not hiding anything from you.

This is to ensure you are not being catfished. While for those who had met physically. Kindly cross-check to be certain you are not being played.

5. Been tempted to put your life on hold

Yes, I have experienced this first-hand. When I met the love of my life, things were going smoothly; I was thrilled; my favorite part of the day was getting to talk to him.

Work became so dull. I wasn’t entirely concentrating anymore. I just look forward to talking to my special one. All my plans were set towards my partner.

Fine, it happens you might be tempted to put your life on hold.


Kindly don’t do it; it is such an unhealthy thing to do after eventually meeting your partner or moving to their location. You might practically not have anything going on in your life without your partners being involved, which is unhealthy for your personal growth.

To function well in a relationship, you need to learn to function independently first.

Have interactions with others, hang around people you love, and still do what you like to do before the relationship.

6. Timeline issues

 In a long distance relationship, one of the problems is timeline issues. You always anticipate and are eager to visit your special one. Still, no timeline has been put to when you will ultimately see them.


It is essential to create a timeline or set a date to meet. That will create a burning desire to anticipate and plan how the special day will be. With this, you both will have something to look forward to.

This can be a perfect coping mechanism. Anytime your hearts ache so much to see them physically, you already know it will happen sooner than later.

7. Loneliness

Yes, it gets pretty lonely sometimes. You can feel neglected or not given enough attention sometimes. You may even start anticipating you are alone on the journey.

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This is when you need to remind yourself of the goals of the relationship and that very soon you and your lover will be together.

Do things that you love, hang out with friends, and pick a new hobby in your locality to keep yourself busy all the time. Play your favorite video game and keep hope alive.

8. Sex-starved

Yes, being sex staved is a significant problem in a long distance relationship. This is due to the prolonged distance between you and the love of your life. You will, at intervals, miss those special hugs and touch. 

Also, you are probably going to miss orgasm so much and wish your partner was around.


You need not wait forever to have a wonderful moment. You both can explore the use of intimate toys and sex chatting. Flirt and talk dirty all the time when you have the chance.

If masturbation is your thing as a couple, you can take turns doing it or do it together during video calls while you both have a great view of each other.

When you agree to embark on the long-distance journey, ensure it is with someone you are sure they are real and not catfishing you.

Aside from that, ensure it is with someone who cares and cherishes you so you don’t end up wasting years on a relationship that isn’t worth the wait.

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