How To Make Him Regret Leaving You While Pregnant

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how to make him regret leaving you while pregnant

 Birthing a new life is a precious moment filled with joy and anticipation.

However, it can be a heart-wrenching experience when your partner decides to leave at this time. 

It can make you feel mixed emotions, from anger to anxiety, and confused about whether to hurt or learn how to make him regret leaving you while pregnant.

Seeking revenge isn’t the way to go. Instead, a man is more likely to regret leaving you when he sees you’ve turned the challenging situation into a source of strength.

Instead of causing him pain, the most constructive approach is to ignore him and let him sense he’s not needed. 

It is the best time to focus on personal development, embrace self-care and ensure your emotional well-being. 

When he sees you thriving without him, it might hurt his pride, making him feel remorseful. 

Also, It’s essential to remember that every situation can’t be solved with the same approach. There is no one way to make him regret his action. 

 Here are possible ways to make him regret leaving you while pregnant. 

10 Ways on how to make him regret leaving you while pregnant

1. Prioritize yourself

 Beyond the exuberating pain, there’s beauty in pregnancy; embrace it. Understand that this is a test of your strength; you must enhance your strength to scale through the challenge. 

 Prioritize your physical, emotional, and mental well-being. You can also consider joining a social club to increase your social circle. 

Hang out with friends. Having people around you is necessary for your mental health at the time. 

In essence, strive to live your best life during pregnancy. Doing so will demonstrate your happiness and fulfillment, even in his absence.

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2. Don’t reach out to him

You may feel the need to reach out to him when you are missing him. Refrain from reaching out. 

If he realizes you are chasing him, he will feel in control and sense your desperation to want him back. If he wants you back, he will willingly come for you. 

Make sure you get yourself busy with work, family, or hobbies. The passion to reach out to him will gradually fade by engaging in daily activities. 

This can be hard to do, but if you endure, he may likely regret leaving and might reach out to you instead. 

3. Seek support 

Sharing your emotions with someone you have confidence in can be incredibly helpful. Reach out to friends or family who can provide you with emotional support during this challenging time.

Also, if you have mutual friends or he has family members you are still close with, ensure you keep them close to you. 

Those mutual friends you share will relate to him how unbothered you’re living your best life.

They will share your recent picture with him and update him about your pregnancy journey. 

This might make him realize the moment he is missing and regret leaving you when he sees how spectacular your life has been without him.

4. Embrace positivity 

Instead of being angry at your situation, embracing positivity is best. That will make you approachable. 

Rather than seeking revenge, be more committed to personal growth and nurture relationships with people that make you happy. 

When you overcome the moment and live a better life, your ex will be jealous of your growth. He will regret not being available when you need him most.  

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5. Consult professionals 

Consider exploring legal channels to ensure financial support and visitation rights for the baby.

 This is only advised if you cannot bolster the financial responsibility of your baby. Take counsel from an attorney to understand your rights and options.

A Therapist can also guide you on personal development and emotional stability throughout your pregnancy period.

The experts will aid in managing your situation. You will get better off with your emotion, and he will regret seeing you doing well after he deserted you. 

6. Be financially independent 

While it is not advisable to stress much during pregnancy, being involved in some side hustle or any current job or business is necessary.

Strive to be successful in your career. If you’re not working, start looking for a side hustle and bury your head into it. 

Being successful in your career will show your ex that you’re capable of great things. It will also make you feel more confident and self-assured.

Being financially independent will make you live your dream life and care more for your baby. You won’t be vulnerable to his control or his plot. 

7. Communicate with him 

Accept and frankly express your feelings if he is open to a civil conversation. But do not sound hurt or bitter about why he left you.

It is okay if you communicate with him but do not initiate it. It will only make you look vulnerable. 

You may talk about co-parenting if you are not ready to bear the baby’s financial burden alone. 

If you decide that co-parenting is the best option for your child, try to communicate with him. Come to agreements that benefit both of you as parents.

While communicating, do not spare to tell him his mistake. Some men regret their actions more when it’s been said to them in words. 

Do not be afraid to tell him his flaws. That might be the incitement he needs to realize the extent of his mistakes. 

8. Give a new man a chance

True love is not time-bound. Even though you might still feel hurt by his departure, try giving another man a chance.

If you’ve moved on from your baby daddy, you should think of unlocking your heart to a new man. Doing this will show how unwanted your baby daddy is in your life.

If you’ve not moved on, seeing another person may give you the closure you need to move on. By dating another man, he might regret leaving because his existence in your life has been cut off. 

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9. Focus on your baby

His most painful regret might be seeing the child being well-raised without being part of the process. 

You start by making an adequate plan to create a loving environment for your child to grow up in. 

Don’t have the intention of raising your child to hate him. Neither should you lie to cover up for what he didn’t do in the child’s life. 

After the baby is born, be the best mother you can be. The love and care you show your child is something no one can take away from you. 

Proving to be a loving, capable mother is a powerful response to anyone who doubts your strength.

10. Forgive him for your peace

Holding onto resentment and trying to make someone regret their choices can be emotionally draining. 

It’s healthier to work towards forgiveness for your peace of mind. It will make you focus on yourself and the unborn child.

He will think about his actions in the long run, which will be nothing short of regret. 

Remember, the whole point of making him regret isn’t about fostering negativity; rather, regret his decision, irrespective of why he deserted you. 

How to know he regrets leaving you while pregnant

 While some men may show regret and remorse, others may leave and never look back. Men have a way of keeping their emotions in check. 

However, some signs can indicate his regrets for leaving you while pregnant.

If he reaches out to you more than usual and suddenly cares for you and the pregnancy. It strongly indicates he has realized his mistake and wants to reconcile with you. 

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It can be a sign of regret if he inquires about you from mutual friends or close family. Maybe he is scared to confront you. 

He might ask about your next doctor’s appointment and volunteer to accompany you; doing this shows that he regrets leaving you while pregnant.

He is not far from regretting when he asks for a meeting; if you adhere to it, he will definitely apologize and admit his wrong with a detailed reason why he left you while pregnant.

It might be a sign if he constantly sends you gifts and money at the time of pregnancy, even without your request. 

Also, if your relationship ends because of his behaviour, he may begin to change for the better.  

However, If he openly tells you to find someone else or flaunts a new girlfriend on social media, it is definitely a good sign he has moved on with someone else.

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