10 Easy Ways On How A Wife Should Treat Her Husband

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how a wife should treat her husband

The common saying is that behind every successful man, there must be a woman who knows how a wife should treat her husband and make his goals a real success for him.

For a married man, it is a default belief that his wife is one possible being that can easily and quickly determine the success or otherwise of a man.

Piloting through a successful marriage can be challenging and tiring at a point when the romantics and affection of love you both once had started dwindling.

As a wife, you have hope and a plan of what your marriage life should be like before signing the contract, but now that you are inside it, life happens.

It isn’t for you to get fuss of the expected but rather make way for changes that can bring everlasting joy into the family.

The joy needed can be achieved by striving to work on yourself to make your marital home the best place.

Marriage is up and down, just like there are in life. When you have a positively soaring union, ask yourself what you can do to maintain it.

If the marriage is going the opposite, the question should be the same, what can you do for him to bring happiness into the marriage?

Here, we bring you the salient process to be used as the wife to treat your husband and to build the home of their dream.

How a wife should treat her husband

1. Carry his burden

The moment you exchange a ring with him, It is a covenant that two have become one, and you are subsequently for each other.

You don’t only have a man in your life from that moment but a roommate, best friend, advisee, mentee, and somebody you must be ready to be eternally struggling to care for and give your best of humanity.

His worries, hardship and happiness become yours as society sees you as the bedrock of his success.

There is a time in your endless union journey when one is weak and needs respite. It is left for the other person to take action and lead accordingly.

2. Respect him endlessly

Now that you are in the marriage contract, you have to scale up your respect for him, more than during your courtship years if you want a happy marriage.

Men naturally are self-centred and always wish to wilder the superiority mightily. Respect is the basic foundation for every successful husband-wife relationship.

Respect isn’t about following his order sheepishly or allowing him to make every family’s decision unchecked.

Having trust in his ability and potential is the most effective form of respect. Know what he likes and detests.

Consider him before making relevant decisions and hear his opinion. See him as a working team.

Respect him for who he is, his dream and biggest goal in life, his choices, and every other sensitive process of his life needed to be respected.

To err is human, and your husband isn’t a super being. He is bound to make mistakes. You are not to nag at him in registering your displeasure.

You can disagree with him on issues but put across your point softly. Correct him with cool, calm and confident, let him remorsefully see his mistake, and give him time to make changes.

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3. Care for him

As a wife, you are responsible for his spiritual, emotional, mental, physical and sexual wellness.

You form a greater extent of how an outsider views him, and how society views him determines the great degree of respect accorded to him.

Be the first to correct any of his irregularities before he moves to flaunt them in public.

Do a last-minute check on his dresses and help him put things in order before setting out for the office. Take critical care of every family’s tangible and intangible property.

Besides, you are responsible for his health and diet. Please ensure you never fail in this regard by constantly making a healthy, delicious and hygienic meal and, over time, remind him of the need to put his health in check constantly.

4. Balance your sexual game

Sex is not only for procreation but a connection between a couple if explored in a romantic wilderness.

It is a major treat for your husband if you can understand his sexual prowess and see whether you can live up to his taste.

Don’t just expect him to game up with the sexual fun. As a wife, you equally need to read some erotic books and see romantic movies to level up your game in your intimacy.

Surprised stylish and naughty sex is one core way to a man’s heart, which is also one of the salient ways on how a wife should treat her husband

He won’t stop remembering you for the whole day as he catches up with the fun you had with him.

More importantly, don’t use sex as a bargaining chip to settle a score with your husband. Doing that reduces the respect he has for you.

Please don’t engage in intimacy with him because you want to make a request from him or when you have little rancor to settle. Have sex when you are both turned up ordinarily.

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5. Make him the priority and your first contact

Need help, fun time, worried or excited to share happy news? Nobody else deserves to hear it first other than your lawfully married husband.

Always consider him as the first point of contact and the priority.

He deserves to share your pain and gain first before any other person, not even your parent.

6. Be upright

Your husband isn’t a god to know what runs through your mind. Stop treating him with silence and emotional blackmail.

Expressly couch out whatever grievances you have against him, and you both should talk it out, not wait for him to devise what you are upset about.

In this case, let it be a promise between you both not to go to bed without settling your differences; at least, this has been working for me.

7. Be faithful and responsible

Faithfulness is one way to show loyalty to your husband. Let him be aware of what you are up to, your movement and directions.

Do not give any reason to create doubt or suspicion. Your activity should be straightforward.

Also, as you enter into a marriage contract, you are by default, entering into some obligations you must discharge and fulfil excellently.

You are expected to be responsible for those duties and deliver them with great expertise.

8. Have less expectation

There is no fairness in a union; there isn’t in life. Don’t expect 50-50 affairs with your spouse. Be ready to put all your best into making the marriage grow while you wait for him to perform his dutiful obligation.

Expecting much can make you down in your responsibilities if your husband is not as responsive as expected.

9. Respect your-in-law and his friends

Another way to treat your husband is to respect those he cherishes after you’ve respected him well enough.

His family can come to mind in this regard. Try as much as possible to conform to their standard and measure of what respect means.

His friends and associates deserve respect from you; accord them the respect they deserve.

Be friendly with everyone around your husband. Let your man be proud of you before his family and friends, as he is in his mind for all you’ve done to him in private.

10. Take care of yourself

You can’t give what you lack. The basis of having the ability to treat your husband to have a sustainable marriage is first equipping yourself mentally, physically, and maybe spiritually.

Put yourself at the topmost priority before satisfying your husband or giving your children the deserved care. Your mental health and physical strength matter a lot.


There is no strict or unanimous guide to how a wife should treat her husband, as there is no guide to making a happy home.

All stated above are fundamentals for a wife in building a happy marriage but not a conclusive process. Both couples are expected to map what defines their happiness either by conduct or expression.

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